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Unnofficial Minutes - Subject to Corrections

August 17, 2010 Meeting

September 21, 2010
Marshall Independent

September 21, 2010




August 17, 2010

6:30 p.m.- Meeting was called to order by Chairman Stensrud. Members present: Stensrud, Fenske, Ritter, Nelson, Goodenow, County Auditor/Treasurer Van Overbeke, Attorney Maes, and County Administrator Stomberg.

Goodenow moved, seconded by Ritter to approve the agenda. All voted in favor.

Per Diems Expenses





Consent Agenda:

1. Approve Minutes from August 3, 2010

2. Approve Minutes from August 4, 2010

3. Approve Commissioner Warrants 161656-121749 in the amount of $200,332.45 dated 8/17/10.

4. Approve Auditor Warrants 121581-121607 in the amount of $233,405.19 dated 8/5/10, 121608-121622 in the amount of $40,984, and 121623-121644 in the amount of $247,213.67 dated 8/12/10 and 121645-121655 in the amount of $79,180.44 dated 8/12/10.

5. Approve Per Diems & Expenses

Goodenow moved, seconded by Fenske to approve the consent agenda. All voted in favor.

Fenske moved, seconded by Goodenow to approve and authorize the Chair and Administrator to sign Grant 2011-JABG-0048. All voted in favor.

Goodenow moved, seconded by Ritter to authorize the Auditor Treasurer to sign Fiscal Agent Agreement. All voted in favor.

Goodenow moved, seconded by Ritter to resign the contracts to correct a typographical error in the contracts. All voted in favor.

Nelson moved, seconded by Stensrud to pay $53,334 out of reserves to the Minneota, Cottonwood, and Tracy libraries. Goodenow Does it explain when the funds are to be paid? Stensrud When you get a bill. Ritter Is that part of your motion out of reserves. I would like to see some of the excess property the county owns sold and used to fund this. Stomberg- It is getting close. Goodenow One will go out right away and the others later. Fenske We have heard a lot of talk on the Board about fairness about this. When we were contributing to the Marshall Lyon County Library the City of Marshall had a significant funding. Isaackson Cottonwood will be putting in $2.1 million plus debt service. $200,000 plus debt service on the library portion. Jon Chalmers- As you are aware we are all facing significant cuts. LGA amounts to about of our budget. For our part what we have done we cut but we left the library alone. Stensrud There is a touch of difference in that Marshall has a liquor store that brings a million in and they are smaller communities. Dave Dubrey The city of Minneota did purchase the building and when we sell our existing library the funds will go towards that. Nelson Tracy also had a non-profit nursing home and some of that money went towards it and had numerous donations. Ritter The 2.1 million of the full project or none. Isaackson A full project. All voted in favor.

Goodenow moved, seconded by Ritter to approve and authorize the Chair sign a grant agreement for 2009 PSIC grant amendment. All voted in favor.

Goodenow moved, seconded by Ritter to develop a draft copy of a resolution to develop an EDA. Fenske Have you had some thought on the relationship between the individual cities and county? Martig We haven't thought a whole lot about it. They would work together. Stomberg They can participate but have their own EDA program. Stensrud They have been up to Willmar. Stomberg Their funding comes from the city and county tax rolls. With this entity if you allow it to have taxing authority the enabling resolution can say the county board has final authority. All voted in favor.

7:43 p.m. Meeting Recessed

7:58 p.m. Meeting Called Back to Order

Ritter moved, seconded by Goodenow to make an offer to Terry Wing for County VSO position at the pay range 18. All voted in favor.

Reviewed Meeting Schedule

Commissioners Reports

8:31 p.m. Ritter moved, seconded by Goodenow to adjourn. All voted in favor.

Rodney Stensrud, Chairman

Attest: Loren Stomberg

Lyon County Administrator



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