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Editorial: Soapbox Saturday drenched with politics

August 31, 2010
Marshall Independent

An editorial cartoon accompanies this piece that pretty much makes conservative mouthpiece Glenn Beck look like a maniac in his "I?Have a Scheme" speech. In the background you see caricatures of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, portrayed as helpless to stopping Beck's rantings. Beck undoubtedly saw this coming. He put himself out there for ridicule because every American has the right to say what's on their mind -?it's called freedom of speech - no matter how many people choose to listen and, subsequently, poke fun.

But what exactly did Beck - who promoted the event as nonpolitical (an amazing reach considering 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee and potential future presidential candidate and tea party crusader Sarah Palin also spoke) - accomplish at this past weekend's rally?

Beck and fellow conservative Palin appealed to a mass of people gathered at the National Mall to help restore American values and honor King's message. Beck talked about religion and faith and realizing who our king is. He asked the audience to pray more and do it so our children can see. Palin said, "We must restore America and restore her honor."

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No one can argue with this kind of rhetoric.

We're all rooting for America.

We should pray more.

But, again, was anything substantial accomplished Saturday? Or was it just preaching and grandstanding?

This, American does not need. America needs answers. America needs to fix its problems; what it doesn't need is people like Glenn Beck - or any of his liberal counterparts for that matter - preaching the obvious in an attempt to cry out, "See, I love America, why don't you?"

Anyone can get in front of a large audience and say we need to do this, we need to do that, but until we come up with solutions to things like unemployment and immigration, until states can work their way back into the black, America as a nation won't get fixed.

The solutions are out there, we just have to find them. And Saturday's event didn't help. All it seemed to do was promote agendas and get Palin back in the spotlight.

And if Beck thinks Saturday's rally wasn't political he's as crazy as that cartoon makes him look.



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