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Editorial: Dems hit the airwaves. Their target: Pawlenty?

July 20, 2010
Marshall Independent

The Dems are on the attack in Minnesota, but are they pointing their guns in the right direction?

TV ads are sprouting up everywhere from Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza, Minnesota's two wealthiest Democratic candidates for governor, and Margaret Anderson Kelliher. On Sunday night, each of the candidates' ads ran consecutively and all were aimed at current and outgoing governor Tim Pawlenty. Substance-wise, there really was nothing wrong with the ads, but why target Pawlenty?

Pawlenty's name came up repeatedly in all three ads; Republican candidate Tom Emmer's name surfaced in just one and that came when one of the candidates tied him in with Pawlenty, calling it the Pawlenty-Emmer administration.

Granted, both Pawlenty and Emmer are Republicans, but it seems like it would make more sense for the three Democratic candidates to tout their own messages and convey their own platforms with the primaries only weeks away and then go after the Republicans after Aug. 10.

It comes as no surprise that these Democrats would go after the Republican Party and vice versa, but it looks like they're getting ahead of themselves. For Dayton and Entenza, that might not be too big of a deal, simply because they have more money at their disposal. For the less-funded Kelliher, however, one would think she would seek the most bang for her buck, and that means it would make more sense to either go after Dayton and Entenza or stay out of attack mode for now and focus more on getting her own message out.

Viewers and voters didn't learn much from the ads that were aired over the weekend, save Entenza's plan to scrap No Child Left Behind. All we really learned is that these three candidates have a Pawlenty fetish that needs to be satisfied. Going after Emmer, their main opponent in this year's election, makes more sense. But considering Emmer's recent comments concerning the minimum wage and the tip credit controversy he stirred up, perhaps the Dems think they need not bother wasting their ammunition on him right now. Maybe, the Democratic trio thinks, he's already shot himself in the foot.



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