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Starting fresh in Canby

June 7, 2010
By Katy Palmer

CANBY - Since Canby's sandwich shop closed last summer, there has been a need for something else within the community, said Matt Wagner, co-owner of the new Subway being constructed in Canby.

That's where Subway comes in.

Canby already has a Dairy Queen, said Wagner, but most of its other restaurants are family sit-down places. "Subway seemed like the right fit," he said.

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Photo by Katy Palmer

Construction got under way June 1 for the new Subway in Canby. Owners are hoping to stay on schedule, but they decided not to peg down a finish date.

So Wagner, along with his wife, Kari, who will be manager, and Jason and Jaci Weber, signed on last August to the project of bringing Subway to Canby.

"It's been a real long road getting here," Wagner said.

Since last August, Subway has collected its own traffic and population data to confirm the location of the new business. It is particular and conducts its own tests before it agrees to open a new shop, he said.

After Canby was approved by Subway, Wagner and the other co-owners searched around town and considered three buildings for possible renovation. However, they calculated that renovating would cost more than building from scratch. So, they found an empty lot, almost perfectly located in the middle of town.

Construction began June 1.

Referencing the economy, Wagner said, "Canby is doing great now." The Subway is predicted to heighten business for other restaurants, as well as inspire the already good economy.

Wagner said he is "excited for the Canby area."

The Canby Subway will attract more travelers, increase available jobs and hopefully encourage more new businesses to take the plunge of starting fresh, he said.

It will be the largest Subway for a town under 100,000 people, measuring at 1,700 square feet.

Canby is less of a "get-it-and-go" place and more of a "relax-and-sit-down" place, said Wagner, so he felt a larger lobby would be beneficial.

Its capacity will be 49 people and it will also have a drive-thru. The Wagners and Webers will hire a total of 15 employees, three of whom will be full-time.

"Subway throws the whole palette at you," Wagner said. Aside from Subway's regular sandwich choices, they will offer a full breakfast and will be open from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

As of now, Wagner said they are leaving the construction end date open-ended. He feels that putting an end date on the schedule would be inaccurate this early in construction.



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