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Fielding questions

May 6, 2010
By Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere

There are times that I get calls from my older readers. The conversation starts out the same each time, "Do you remember me?" Of course, they like to leave me guessing who they are while they start talking and asking questions about whatever it is that they have a concern about. So far I have not had it wrong - yet. I usually know after they talk to me for a bit who it is on the line. What surprises me is how often they know more about me and my family than I do know about them. These favorite gardeners of mine are getting older and as the caller stated last night, he is 92 years old now. I am usually astonished they are calling me because they usually know way more than I will at this time in my life. They have much more practical use of gardening knowledge but from them I have been able to learn more about certain things. I also love a good story.



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