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Feeling winter’s wrath early on in the season

December 22, 2008
David Griswold

Well, yet another sports season has gotten disrupted by the cruel wrath of Mother Nature.

Looking back to last spring and how badly the sports season was altered, compared to what hit the southwest part of the state on Saturday, I wonder, how many more seasons can the winter disarray?

I hear the constant threat of Global Warming and how the polar ice caps are melting, and yet the snow seems to have found a place to stay - Marshall.

This last weekend, two basketball tournaments have been postponed, an abundance of wrestling tournaments and matches are going to have to be rescheduled and a hockey game was pushed back until today.

When a sport, that was intended to be played in the cruel winter weather conditions, cannot be played because of snow, something is wrong.

I know the weather is sporadic and unpredictable, but it's getting to the point where Minnesota athletics are getting the short-ends of the stick because of the weather.

Numerous teams in the spring had to shorten their seasons because of the weather, and numerous teams were forced to play in conditions that were unfit to play in.

Last spring, the TMB Panthers played host to the Lakeview Lakers in a day that was truly not fit for softball.

The baseball game between the two teams, which was held at TMB high school, was postponed, while the girls continued to play in the messy conditions.

In no way am I pointing fingers at the umpires because it was getting to the point in the season where rescheduling was becoming a non-option.

The Panthers went on to defeat the Lakers 15-2, but when talking to Lakeview pitcher Lyndsey Pederson and head coach Krista Reminger, the weather conditions hindered Pederson's ability to pitch at the level she is capable of pitching at.

The Section 3A championship between the Wabasso Rabbits and the WWG Chargers, the championship game had to be split into two days because of the sloppy, rainy weather in Marshall - where the championship games were held.

It's difficult to watch athletes play an entire season and then have the weather such a crucial factor.

Now we feel the affects again in the winter season, and it makes me wonder if this postponement will play any affect in the outcome of the season.

Will a game get canceled that proves to be the determining game in playoff seeding? Or will a game get postponed on a day where a certain athlete is injured or exhausted from a previous game?

It's getting to be very frustrating to constantly be on watch of what the weather will do to hinder the Minnesota athletic seasons.

I just hope this winter season comes and goes without causing much damage, but more importantly, I hope the winter season actually goes this year.



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