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Locking vandals up is the wrong way to go

October 12, 2008
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I feel that the person or people responsible for the knocking down of the grave markers should have to participate in a restorative circle. Chances are the people responsible for doing such a horrific act don't quite understand what a final resting place means to someone's family, and the impact that it has on the community. If they understood the seriousness of the crime that they committed, they would then realize the numerous people it affects. Most people would say to lock them up because that's how people learn to not commit crimes. For one, it would cost taxpayers more money in the long run to lock them up. Two, locking them up won't fix the headstones or teach the offenders that what they did was wrong.

Making the offenders pay a fine which they probably can't afford to pay, isn't going to help show them that what they did was wrong, either. Having the offenders sit in a circle and listen to the victims explain how their actions affected them and the community, would be a good punishment. The people that did this would see the implications of their actions and hopefully stay out of the already overcrowded prison system. I am sure the community response would be to lock them up, or make them pay a huge fine. These people deserve to be locked up right? Wrong! They need help realizing the impact of their actions which is what a restorative circle was developed for.

Darin Hinckley




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