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Unofficial Copy - County Board of Appeals & Equalization

July 8, 2008
Marshall Independent

July 8, 2008



June 16, 2008

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Goodenow. Members present:Ritter, Fenske, Goodenow, Stensrud, Auditor/Treasurer VanOverbeke.

Members absent: Nelson

Others present: Assessor Champine, Assistant Assessor Runholt.

Pledge of Allegiance.

VanOverbeke gave the oath of office.

Goodenow tuned the meeting over to Assessor Champine.

Champine went over the valuation data, sales data, local board of appeals and equalization changes.

Department of Revenue questioned why one property dropped in value by 20%. Next year agricultural land will have a large increase due to the sales.

Tracy Kids World - new business in Tracy is asking for exemption from property taxes. Assessor Champine denied the request and the Department of Revenue will not grant the exception. Tracy Kids World will need to go to tax court or have special legislation.

The County Board of Appeals will need to address a decision made by the City of Garvin. The local board lowered parcel 24-100069-0, owned by Dennis & Myra Kronke from $212,000 to $185,900 after discussing the issues Mr. Kronke brought before them.

After the vote and adjournment, Assessor Champine found out that some of the City Council members were current or former employees of the business in Garvin. Champine contacted the Department of Revenue for guidance.

Department of Revenue response:

'While making changes on behalf of an employer is not expressly prohibited by law, it is clear that the legislature is concerned with inappropriate actions on the part of the board. As it is difficult to ascertain what financial interest, if any, the board members have concerning this property, we (the department of revenue) will not act to nullify the deduction by the board. However, we strongly recommend that you appeal this decision to the County board of appeal and equalization of Lyon County'

Discussion that Assessor Champine all ready has it lowered by 20% because of the location. The building has been remodeled and added a new addition.

Ritter moved, seconded by Fenske to rescind the decision made by the Local Board of Appeals and Equalization and revalue the property at $212,000. All voted in favor.

Assessor Champine notified the county board before next years Board of Appeals and Equalization meeting they will need to be trained. AMC will be giving you more information. The training will be put on by the Department of Revenue. Commented that the Board of Equalization meetings will need to be extended until at least 7:00 p.m. Lyon County is okay because we have our meetings at night where some counties hold them during the day or at a regular board meeting.

Assessor Champine updated the board about some of the new laws, Veterans exemption, monosloped roofs for feedlots and manure storage, green acres, actively farming, blind & disabled classification, ag parcels with less than 10 acres, DOR to assist in assessing some Industrial property.

Lyon County had no changes in 2008 from the State Board.

Assessor Champine helped with the interview process for the City of Marshall Assessor.

K-Mart has filed in tax court again this year.

Ritter moved, seconded by Stensrud to adjourn. All voted in favor.

Mark Goodenow, Chairman of the Lyon County

Board of Commissioners

Attest: Paula VanOverbeke

Lyon County Auditor /Treasurer



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