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All about safety at MHS

May 24, 2008
Cindy Votruba
By Cindy Votruba

If tickets were being handed out for going over the speed limit on the road entering the Marshall High School parking lot off of state Highway 19, the fines would add up to more than $17,000.

This past week, the Marshall Area Safe Communities Coalition had several activities at the high school as part of the “Buckle Up MHS” event this week, which included a rollover simulator, the Jaws of Life from the Marshall Fire Department, painting “Buckle Up” signs on the exits and entrances of the school and a seatbelt survey.

MHS sophomore Christina Pollock and MHS junior Kim Homan are the high school representatives on the coalition.

The girls said the purpose of the activities was to make the roads safer for the students and the people on the road with them.

“You have to find a way to relate to them (the students),” Pollock said.

A digital speed limit sign was posted on the straightaway off of state Highway 19 on Monday. Pollock said that 70.4 percent of those who drove on that road adhered to the 30 mph speed limit. Only two people drove more than 50 mph.

Pollock said the statistics were based on 555 vehicles entering the parking lot.

And if those who were driving 10 miles above the speed limit on that straightaway and received a ticket, the fines were more than $17,000, Pollock said.

After school, the percentage of those driving the speed limit was 74 percent, Pollock said, and the total fines would have been only $11,000.

But there were a few speeders, Pollock said.

“(After school) there were more people going 15 mph over the speed limit,” Pollock said.

The MHS student council also conducted a seatbelt survey, both on Monday morning, and then again on Friday.

“We stood out at both entrances of the corners,” Homan said.

“It was cold,” Pollock said.

On Monday, 81.6 percent of the people entering the school’s parking lots were wearing their seatbelts, Homan said. Friday morning, the number was 88.1 percent.

“That’s a 6.5 percent increase,” Homan said.

But that’s not enough, Homan said.

“We still want to make it 100 percent,” Homan said.

“It’s hard (to accomplish),” Pollock added.

Pollock said she was surprised by the results.

“I didn’t think that many people would have their seatbelt on,” Pollock said.

Homan and Pollock said the activities this week meant to send a message to fellow classmates and the rest of the community.

“The main thing is people should buckle up for their own safety,” Homan said.

And not only for themselves, Homan said, but for the safety of everyone in the car with them.

“I think we made an impact,” Pollock said.

Article Photos

Photo by Cindy Votruba
Marshall High School students Stephanie Johnson, Christina Pollock and Ellie Geraets apply white makeup to Tammy Vo as a part of “Ghost-Out” Friday. The event was done by Adolescents Anonymous and the Marshall Area Safe Communities Coalition.



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