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The GOP: Where did it go?

August 13, 2014

To the editor: It seems that since the evening of President Barack Obama’s first inauguration this party has disappeared, or have I misinterpreted GOP as the Grand Old Party? I grew up a Democrat an......

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Aug-28-14 4:57 PM

Well Traveler, son, Mother Rucker taught us little about getting the lay of the land too. But why don't you go ahead and enlighten me with your evaluation of the terrain.

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Aug-27-14 8:00 PM

Scout, in Ranger school we were taught to get the lay of the land - to study and observe. You, son, are weak on both counts. Get out of the bunker free your mind from the murk.

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Aug-27-14 6:26 PM

Oops, post without finishing or spell check. As I was saying Hartman, your Republican bashing is tiring even for an old Democrat. Neither party will take the necessary stand on immigration because there are too many votes at stake. Obama's policy, just let them all in, isn't working either. Tax reform, would that be using the IRS as his private political tool ?? Maybe your talking about the hard work Obama has done on his foreign policy, oh that's right he doesn't have one. I could go on but get tired of responding to your dribble. I think he he was headed north your lips would be firmly glued to his south side.

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Aug-27-14 6:12 PM

Speaking of regurgitation, Hartman is heard from. Hartman I have been a registered Democrat for 34 years and little tiraids even disgust me.

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Aug-27-14 3:53 PM

Republicans have not disappeared, they have been busy introducing bills that prohibit lap dancing and jello wresting or require every high school student to read Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” or authorize businesses like restaurants, hotels, etc to deny service to gay customers. Meanwhile Republicans can’t find the time to address Immigration or Tax reform much less create policies that deal with our growing trade deficit, health care and education reform, raising the minimum wage or tackling the largest disparity between the rich and poor in our nations history. Republican efforts to pass a bill establishing a State religion and voting 54 times in 4 years to repeal the Affordable Care Act are a waste of time & do nothing to improve our lives. President Obama is busy doing his job while Republicans continue to impede his every effort. Incompetent leadership within the GOP has left them ineffectual as evidenced by the “do nothing” House Republicans.

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Aug-27-14 11:43 AM

Traveler, thank you for your service and I am sorry you were so severely injured. If my tax dollars going to help injured or retired veterans makes me a sucker I'll gladly wear the label.

As far as dry heaves, Obama is well into his second term and you are still regurgitating Bush complaints. Offer us something fresh. Deal with the problem at hand or more accurately the problem in the White House.

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Aug-25-14 3:20 PM

Scout, your are offering up the dry heaves. Spew up something fresher. Read Bob Woodward's four part series on the Bush administration. To summarize the the four volumes; Bush lied, soldiers died. Yours truly here lost enough body parts to sustain an anatomy class. And you, sucker, are paying me a large chunk of change every month. Be humble. Offer us something uplifting.

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Aug-25-14 2:07 PM

I completely agree with Kaptain and Ron. I would add the kings own statement that if congress will not give him what he wants he will work around them. Since when is obamas opinion more important than the majority of congress.

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Aug-20-14 6:20 PM

Put down. Put down. Put down. Is that all you two can offer?

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Aug-20-14 8:19 AM

Skin color doesn't mean squat. Constant lying, threats, arrogance, and selective law enforcement shows much more.

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Aug-16-14 10:57 AM

Hey Lila you don't suppose the opposition to your savior Obama from the GOP could be from his communist policies or his constitution shredding lawlessness rather than his skin color do ya? Please stick to scrapbooks.

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