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Lack of concern for Marine disturbing

July 3, 2014

To the editor: I find it very difficult to understand the complete lack of concern exhibited by President Barack Obama and our State Department regarding the U.S....

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Jul-14-14 9:19 AM

A man was recently arrested in Parker county Texas for molesting a 9 year old girl. This man had been deported 4 times for illegally entering the country. Real quality repeat offenders sneaking across the border.

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Jul-13-14 10:48 PM

Well, I guess the south of the border vote is in.

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Jul-11-14 11:38 AM

Back to the original letter. Mexico needs to send Sgt. Tahmooressi back to the US or or the US files international charges against Mexico for the helicopter incursion and shots fired at a US government vehicle.

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Jul-11-14 11:03 AM

Hartman you can whine about Republicans all you want but this is an issue that neither party wants to deal with. To may votes at stake. Amnesty is not a plan it's giving up. The problem has just gotten much, much worse after the current administration announced the delay in deporting minors. Why doesn't he use his "pen & phone" to help secure the border ?

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Jul-11-14 10:32 AM

Just can't answer a simple question with a yes or no without dancing around the issue can you Hartman.

First- I would secure the border and stop the inflow. Any illegal not in immediate danger of death would be turned away. Second - Notify the "sanctuary cities" that the city, city official & law enforcement will be prosecuted if they continue aiding illegals. Third - Yes, start rounding them up and sending them back. Those with criminal records and multiply illegal border crossings first. The estimated $20,000 - $40,000 that we are spending processing each illegal under the current system will more than fund this plan. Since most illegals come through Mexico I would impose penalties on Mexico as well.

Back to the original letter, Sgt. Tahmooressi needs to be returned to the US now. This one-way border situation has got to end.

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Jul-10-14 11:00 PM

You are getting closer to an answer. I don't know the detail of process for illegals, but let's fire up the planes. Figures I've seen show the fights are cheaper than support. Illegal with criminal record? Fingerprint, photograph, outahere. Illegal but no record or criminal ties, on the plane with an invitation to come back through the process. Use military transports. Plenty of room and good enough for troops.

Then start rerouting that $8B to poor US citizens and needy immigrants who came in legally.

Thank you for so eloquently laying out the liberal plan for reform. Commit a criminal act and stay out of sight for a while and it will be overlooked. Then if we can get enough votes ( wink, wink) we'll make it even easier.

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Jul-10-14 2:12 PM

Mexico has a right to jail anyone who violates their laws, just like the US.

How would you suggest we start enforcing our current immigration law Scout, by locking up and deporting the nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the US? Republicans can’t even find enough money to pay for maintaining our roads and bridges, much less cover the billions it would cost to detain & deport. Many of these immigrants have established families and become productive members of our society. We need rational immigration reform that creates a viable path to citizenship for those who are law abiding and want to become citizens and a means of deporting those who pose a threat. Sadly, Republicans will never pass sensible immigration reform.

Actually we could solve the whole immigration problem by putting Republicans in control. After they get done destroying our economy and trashing our environment, even American citizens will be headed for Mexico seeking a better life.

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Jul-10-14 10:20 AM

Hartman by this thread it is apparent you fully support Mexico holding Sgt. Tahmoorisse in prison because he violated their laws.

Why do you not support the US enforcing our laws and jailing those who illegally enter our country ?

Our country is our home. If I broke into your house at 2:00 am and slept on your couch when you found me there in the morning would you allow me to continue living in your house or would you call the police and have me removed and arrested ?

These are simply questions. Not that I expect an honest answer from you.

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Jul-09-14 2:50 PM

The only foot dragging is commanded by the administration. Laws are already in place that deal with immigration. Until the left is able to invalidate the constitution altogether they will have to live with separation of powers that doesn't allow the pres to legislate. There is a process for that.

The Supremes have sung that song often enough you'd think he would get it by now. And don't look to the public for support. Check the polls. Laws aren't changed by stomping your feet and holding your breath.

Back to the thread. At the same time the US is expected to put "humanitarian" actions ahead of the laws of this nation, the government south of the border is turning a blind eye to their exportation of people and drugs. Where we send illegals this side of the border to a comparative country club vs where they come from, we have an American citizen in a prison for making a wrong turn.

Not third world? Go down and drive around the non-resort areas a while.

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Jul-09-14 12:56 PM

So evidently, because some consider Mexico to be a 3rd world country, their order of law and constitution don't matter. Scout, WW07 and Pirate sound more like pompous ***es than concerned US citizens. Look again Pirate, I believe you're soiling your own shoes.

"How long are you going to continue to bury your head in the sand and ignore the border situation?"

Thats a laugh Scout. The House Republicans have been sitting on immigration reform since the last midterm elections. Republicans elected to serve in Congress are totally useless. Lets trade THEM for Tahmooressi.

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Jul-09-14 1:21 AM

C'mon hartman. It's not even election season and here you are hijacking threads with your meandering musings. Ain't nothing about terrorism or island prisons going on here.

Your sudden support of law enforcement seems a bit conflicted with your rabid support of the current administration. While you hail the arrest of an American making a wrong turn you support an administration that has chosen to ignore or actively dismiss laws pertaining to narcotics, immigration, gun trafficking, personal privacy and others. Don't forget non-enforcement of key components of obamacare. Would you would have supported sending an F16 to vaporize the Mexican helicopter that not only crossed into the US with guns but fired on US Border Patrol Agents?

All posturing aside, this is just another corrupt third world country peeing on our shoes because they know there is no one in charge who will do anything about it.

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Jul-08-14 11:02 PM

It's getting really hard isn't it, Hart Man? That skinny dude you're propping up is getting heavy. We conservatives, from our point of view, see the relentless train of Bee Ess as an assault. But for you it is a chore. You have to embrace the Bee Ess every single day of every single week as though it were a bouquet of flipping roses. You have to endorse it, defend it, insult upstanding citizens on it's behalf.

I would not blame you or any of you paid trolls if you just wigged out and booked.

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Jul-08-14 7:46 PM

How long are you going to continue to bury your head in the sand and ignore the border situation ? We have MS13 gang members being sent to processing centers around the country then being released on the honor system that they will report for their immigration hearing. I'm sure that will happen. Maybe when they move in next door to you realty will hit. Better yet why don't you offer to sponsor a couple of them ?

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Jul-08-14 7:39 PM

Little error there H75, The US does not jail those who break the laws of our sovereign nation by entering it illegally, we give them drivers licenses and medical care. If you enter Mexico illegally with or without firearms you go to jail for one year.

I'm not saying what the Sgt did was justified I'm saying it was an accident and should never have escalated to this. In the spirit of international cooperation he should have been allowed to turn around.

I see you choose to ignore how Mexico has violated US sovereignty but as a courtesy we have not pressed charges: 1) 2 weeks ago a Mexican military helicopter entered the US and fired 2 shots at a well marked US Border Patrol vehicle 2) In the past 10 years over 500 armed Mexican military troops and law enforcement have illegally entered the US, we returned them with no charges. 3) The US currently has several million illegal Mexican immigrants living here.

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Jul-08-14 2:41 PM

Imagine! A country besides the US, who jails a person for violating the law of their sovereign nation. Perhaps Mexico should label him a terrorist & ship Tahmooressi to some island prison they control without benefit of a trial and hold him in perpetuity.

Oh wait, doesn’t everyone carry 3 loaded guns and 400 rounds of ammo with them.

Since we can’t admit that he actually violated Mexican law, lets pretend the irrational fear that prevents us from passing rational gun laws to eliminate straw gun buys doesn’t exist. Then we can reject the fact our ineffective gun laws actually contribute more to Mexico’s gun violence than “Fast & Furious” or Bush’s gun running program “Wide Receiver”.

Pretending Tahmooressi’s violation of Mexican law is justified because (Choose one: he made a wrong turn; he forgot where he was; he was a Marine; he’s not Mexican) is just another pathetic attempt to distract from the Republican’s inability to legislate (Immigration; transportation, etc.)

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Jul-07-14 11:48 PM

I got so many disagrees for being matter-of-fact that I am tempted to be cantakerous and see if I can get a few more.

The VFW called for a boycott of Mexico until they release Andrew Tahmooressi. Of course, everyone knows the VFW Is just a racist upstart organization that just started up to oppose the balck president...

Oh, wait.

And the guy is obviously a gun runner because gun runners always register the guns they are going to run to themselves...

Oh, wait.

Scout101 is right. Holder is a cartel guy, no doubt about it. And, per my first comment, it is probably too late for a bribe. Pretending that the man is being legitimately held is just the usual blather born of some fantastical notion that every commie in middle America has an obligation to provide cover for the head guy. Balderdash. Not even very well done-as though it is becoming tedious even to Hart Man 7.5 himself.

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Jul-07-14 9:34 PM

Scout, I stand corrected. When I separated the IRR retained no military status (at least not any that was enforced), but obviously that has changed.

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Jul-07-14 6:07 PM

Hartman, until you come out of your "liberal and I know what's best for everyone" bubble just go away.

I don't watch FOX News or any other broadcast news. I got tired of all the sensationalism they interject. 1) He was in the process of moving and had most of his belongings in his vehicle. 2) The exit in question was under construction and frequently changed. 3) Depending on the paperwork, carry his guns in California did not constitute a felony. 4) Last time I was pulled over I stated, "officer I have a carry permit and have a loaded pistol in my possession, would you like to see it ?". His response was " no, just give me your drivers license". Took my license and walked away, so much for being nervous.

In the past 10 years we have sent back over 500 armed Mexican troops who illegally crossed into the US and this is how Mexico treats 1 US citizen ?? You better take off your rose colored blinders and get realistic about our border situation.

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Jul-07-14 5:49 PM

Get your facts straight SEL, the IRR is part of the military. I spent 7 years in the IRR and can assure you it is part of my military service. Unless you are telling me the US Army is in error.

You are correct in the comparison to illegal immigrants being ludicrous. Sgt. Tahmooressi was not trying to sneak into Mexico illegally, he just missed his exit. I suggest we treat illegal immigrants in the US the same as Mexico treats them, put them in jail.

The hang up on it being a "gun crime" is not mine, it's Mexico's and Obama's.

I find it very sickening that so many people in this country are more concerned with how we treat illegals crossing our border than they are with how Mexico treats a US citizen.

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Jul-07-14 4:44 PM

Scout, your Chicken Little routine is tiring as is your blind devotion to Fox News. Greta’s reporting is just as biased and incomplete as Fox’s regularly scheduled propaganda they call “news”.

Those claiming Marine vet. Tahmooressi is an innocent victim don’t have all the facts. He was carrying 3 loaded guns in the cab of his truck which, in California, constitutes 3 felonies. If California authorities had pulled over Tahmooressi, he would be exactly where he is now – in jail, or worse. A former Marine suffering from PTSD carrying 3 loaded guns & 400 rounds of ammo tends to make ALL law enforcement nervous. Tahmooressi also lied to Mexican authorities – he had driven past that checkpoint previously on 3 separate occasions, so he knew the area. Even though he deserves our sympathy, that does not mean he’s earned a “get out of jail free” pass & the right to circumvent Mexican due process. I have no doubt a deal will be made, but on Mexico’s terms, not Fox News.

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Jul-07-14 3:21 PM

Referring to the arrested individual as "Sgt" is incorrect; he is not a retired or currently serving member of the military & has no right to use his former military rank as a title. The individual ready reserve is not considered to be any form of serving military; he is simply a veteran, nothing more.

Comparisons to illegal immigrants is ludicrous. He was crossing at a manned border station, not sneaking across the desert.

Whether or not he legally owned the guns is also immaterial; 2nd amendment rights don't mean a thing once you cross the border.

I agree that arresting him for a mistake was unreasonable; they could just as easily turned him around, but Mexico had every right to arrest him, even if it was an a-hole move.

I wonder how much the right would care about this "brave marine" if he hadn't been arrested for a gun crime?

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Jul-07-14 2:23 PM

Your hallucinating again Hartman, go take your meds and be quiet.

There is absolutely no excuse for Obama and Kerry's lack of action in getting Sgt. Tahmooressi back. Obama is perfectly happy letting the US be Mexico's dumping ground. I'm sure he counts all these illegal immigrants as future potential votes for his cause.

WW07, Mexico would not take Holder in trade. He is more valuable to them here in the US as their source of guns.

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Jul-07-14 12:05 AM

Clearly Kaptain believes Vets who are liberals deserve no respect.

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Jul-06-14 2:32 PM

And your right SE being a vet isn't a get out of jail free card, those are reserved for illegals invading this country and Obama regime criminals. But being a vet will always beat being a liberal...

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Jul-06-14 2:29 PM

Gotta love libtard logic. SELyingCo. says Sgt. Tahmooressi deserves the treatment he has received from our wonderful ally Mexico because as "it" puts it, "he broke the law". Gee, don't we also have laws against entering this country illegally? Lets treat the millions of illegals in this country the same as Mexico treats our veterans. I mean as SE says, "it doesn't matter if it was accidental". If it's good for the goose it's good for the gander. SE and other libtardo's claim it was the firearms the Sgt. had in his vehicle that made the Mexicans behave as they have. BS. They were his legally owned firearms and he has every right to have as many in his vehicle as he wants, there's your "good" reason @$$phemer. If you libs are so concerned about firearms illegally entering Mexico then go arrest that POC Holder. Another thing SE Bergdahl was never listed as a POW he was always listed as missing, get your facts straight.

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