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Leader on the prairie

Gores sworn in as SMSU’s 9th president

April 12, 2014

MARSHALL — It’s a job Dr. Connie Gores has been working hard at for more than eight months alread....

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Apr-15-14 7:37 PM

56258: who said anything about firing Gores?

If she wanted some positive strokes in the media, she should have refused to have an inauguration event.

after 8 months on the job, an inauguration seems rather pointless. And, it was NOT an event that pulled the campus together... Any faculty member with any sense at all did NOT attend such a waste of money.

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Apr-15-14 12:51 PM

Did I say fire, or are you assuming?

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Apr-15-14 12:22 PM

So, you want to fire Dr. Gorres for honoring the MNSCU tradition of an inauguration - which is likely established by Board of Directors/by-laws?

If so, I hope you realize that the size of the severance package for terminating her outside of her contract would likely be several times the cost of the inauguration - and would receive negative press. Doesn't sound prudent to me.

If you want to eliminate the inauguration event, contact MNSCU, but hanging that on Dr. Gorres neck as if it is an indication of her performance and value to SMSU is ridiculous.

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Apr-15-14 9:04 AM

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Gripe about it years later, when it's too late, rather than point it out now. That certainly has worked out well for SMSU in the past, hasn't it?

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Apr-14-14 10:36 AM

A front page ad is expensive. Call it a photo op or call it securing free advertising.

It is easy to call out certain events & expenditures in light of budget cuts - Monday morning QB. However, it is difficult to accept the job, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Be skeptical if you'd like, but the time to judge Dr. Gorres on her work is a few years from now, not today. The event has rallied community support & visibility for the University - hopefully that fuels growth.

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Apr-14-14 10:18 AM

A good deed done for selfish reasons and with a camera present is no good deed at all. This administration is very good at the photo op, to make it look like they are part of the community and that they care about the community, but it won't work because too many people see these gestures for what they really are... empty.

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Apr-14-14 1:27 AM

She begins the job as a failure. You don't think she would have been hired if she had not agreed to do the bidding of the Foundation? Dream on...

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Apr-13-14 9:49 PM

DuPage, do you not recognize a staged photo when you see one? The picture of Gores picking up trash (and by the way, they were picking up trash from a privately owned lot next door to Pizza Ranch) is called a "photo op", short for "photo opportunity". It is a staged pose of someone important doing a good deed....a photo is then taken and given to local media, or else local media is invited to come and take the picture themselves. Thus, the photo of Gores picking up trash means absolutely nothing.

HolyRoller: You are correct....the lavish event is indeed deeply offensive, but it was a chance for Mulso to strut around and act important. He simply cannot resist.

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Apr-13-14 3:14 PM

I am far from academia these days, but I did graduate from a four year college. I would compare holding this event, to what many businesses do to generate sales and build team work. Hopefully in the long run, this event will be part of turning the school toward positive growth. If it was that lavish, why do I see the guest of honor out picking up trash on campus the day before the event, on the front page of the Independent? I wish Connie and the University success.

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Apr-12-14 5:11 PM

I said it before, I'll say it again... This is deeply offensive that the university administration would spend money on a lavish event like this at a time when they are firing people. Is this careful financial stewardship? I hope the knowledge that the money that could have been saved by not holding this farce could have saved jobs keeps them up at night.

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