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Charges filed for party that led to Anyasike’s death

March 25, 2014

MADISON (AP) — Prosecutors have filed misdemeanor charges against a father and son accused of hosting an underage drinking party attended by a star student-athlete from Dawson who was later found......

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Mar-28-14 7:33 PM

What a load of crap. How can the older Mr. Hastad be held responsible for this is he supposed to know the whereabouts and actions of his adult son every second of the day? Maybe the law enforcement involved in busting this heinous party should also shoulder some of the blame in this young mans death. I'm not encouraging underage drinking, or drinking and driving, and I usually support law enforcement but this could have been handled much better than it was. If the LEO's could find out about the party they also knew who owned the land. Maybe a call or a visit to the older Hastad informing him of the party and potential criminal charges would have ended the party without anyone dying. Sending in several squad cars with lights flashing only encouraged the frightened minors to run. At very least the LEO's should have accounted for all vehicles there and who was missing from the party. A needless death and bad judgement by all parties involved.

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Mar-26-14 7:44 AM

Why so complicated? My point is, that most kids don't have the maturity to drink, and let someone sober drive them home. They believe they are "immortal" (which is partly why they sign up to serve their country). They don't take the time to think about the harm they could cause to an innocent person.

A point could be made that most adults don't have that maturity either, so if you want, change the law.

As for the charges, a kid is dead, and has paid for his actions. As for the rest of the family still grieving, something had to be done, and this is the best that current law can provide. Maybe he'll fight it in court and win, but filing these charges was better than just shrugging it off.

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Mar-25-14 10:14 PM

Maybe the laws should be changed so when you become an adult you have all the rights entitled. maybe being an adult should be 21.

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Mar-25-14 7:21 PM

When I was that age many years ago we had such parties. Police crashed them at that time. Yes we all ran. I would like to know who reported this party. The other question is why do Police still crash parties. Kids are going to run period. Now we have a dead teenager. What the*****do people think our young kids do and the answer is the same thing we did. Police should just stake out and stop cars leaving. Its hard to believe but yes kids today do have DDrivers. In the mean time all around the US they are legalizing pot and who will have a easier time getting that.

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Mar-25-14 4:46 PM

farmkid - the difference is one (driving) is an inferred right, contingent upon certification by State. One is an obligation of country in rare circumstance if called - a duty of citizenship. My point is they are different - and just because one is called to duty, doesn't mean he or she should be able to legally consume alcohol.

The adults' charges are related to having a party on his owned property and apparently that he reasonably should have known about it (that's what the charges seem to indicate). If he reasonably did not or could not have known about it - he should present those facts to court and his name should be cleared.

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Mar-25-14 1:19 PM

A 19 year old drinks, gets into a car and could kill a child. A 19 year old can join the army, and defend the country, and won't wind up killing a child in the process. That's the difference.

As for the charges, they're misdemeanors and will bring about some embarassment to the Halstad family. In this case, it's the best the law can do for the Anyasike family.

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Mar-25-14 12:45 PM

Also, these are charges; the adult can present a case of innocence in court. If he is truly unknowing of this and a responsible parent/land owner, then I would assume the court will find as such.

Beyond that, selling & providing alcohol to minors is illegal and someone did it here. That is the root cause of this death. Find who provided or sold the alcohol to minors and follow the law for that illegal activity.

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Mar-25-14 12:38 PM

There is age disparity in everything, that's not a logical argument here. Did this 19 year old serve his country or you are just using that in an attempt to shirk the responsibility of a parent possibly not having reasonable responsibility for his child and his property?

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Mar-25-14 12:04 PM

If your kids didn't have smart (dumb)phones it wouldn't be so easy to be able to arrange such gatherings as these

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Mar-25-14 10:56 AM

I agree totally with the first comment. Also there are always going to be problems when you have a double standard about what is considered an adult. If you are old enough to defend your country, get married, and vote why can't you consume alcohol? This would not have happened if not for this double standard.

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Mar-25-14 9:59 AM

"Reasonably should have known about" the party. Parents of teenagers, especially "adult" teenagers: Do you know EVERY single thing that your child is doing at EVERY single moment? The "host" was 19 years old. He is old enough to go to war for his country, old enough to vote, old enough to gamble, old enough to drive a semi across state lines, yet his father is expected to take the blame for something his ADULT son did? Why does there have to be someone to "blame" in this "star athlete's" death? Can't the deceased take responsibility for his OWN actions? He too is old enough to go to war, vote and make grown-up decisions. Why does someone else have to be blamed?

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