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The rise of same-sex marriages

March 8, 2014

To the editor: The Feb. 15 staff column and Feb. 19 letter reacting to it, both seemed to touch on tolerance and the mainstreaming of homosexuality in America....

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Mar-08-14 12:59 PM

Phil, you forgot to mention that homosexuals ran the Nazi party and the death camps and they were responsible for the Rwandan genocide too. Scott lively said it; so it must be true. His book is the rage in Russia now, where he has toured extensively.

Seriously, gays and many non-gay supporters convinced the APA to change its stance because it was contrary to scientific evidence. There was no intimidation.

One of the key pieces was Evelyn Hooker's 1956 experiment that proved that therapist and experts could not tell homosexuals and heterosexuals apart when looking only at the results of personality tests. The tests showed the same levels of mental health in both groups.

And, as far as Kirk & Madsen's six step plan, the only place you will ever find it mentioned is on the blogs of right-wing conspiracy theorists and professional anti-gays. It is so far from being the "bible" of LGBT activism that the vast majority of LGBT activists have never

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Mar-08-14 1:01 PM

(cont) ...even heard of it.

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Mar-08-14 4:48 PM

Bizarre. Utterly bizarre. Any connection to these rantings and reality is purely coincidental. FYoung has it right - I've been an LGBT activist for 40 years and I have never heard of a Kirk & Madsen's six-step plan. I will look it up but I expect I will need a tin-foil hat to believe any of it.

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Mar-08-14 6:28 PM

Much of this article is outright plagiarism. A simple google search of most of the paragraphs will prove such. Both the author and editorial staff should be ashamed for publishing this.

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Mar-08-14 8:57 PM

The writer says "Beauty will eventually replace ugliness..." and I believe it will, too.

Beauty is in love and kindness. So, how about a little more of that, instead of this freaque-rant. Just say to yourself, I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...I love my neighbor as myself...

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Mar-09-14 12:51 AM

Nate, I found the same thing. I was thinking that even by Phil's incredible standards, this was WAY out there, so I started searching.

AllenLyon--Great post. Phil and others of his mindset might change it to...."I will love only those neighbors who follow my rules" Anyone else see a second coming of the Pharisees?? Jesus LOVED those guys, right? Oh...wait....

The good news I can report is that the vast majority of the next generation finds Phil's kind of thinking to be stupefying.

Here's what I mean. I grew up in the 80's and 90's. By that time, Jim Crow racism seemed unfathomably crazy to me. The same is true for today's teenagers. I find that even the most far-right conservative teenagers look at marriage equality and say..."how is this even an issue? Some people are homosexual....and those PEOPLE deserve basic societal rights....duh...."

I also appreciate that there has not been a SINGLE "disagree" so far on Fyoung or Chuck's posts. Tha

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Mar-09-14 11:49 AM

Not worth discussing. Not an important issue. So LGBTs and oh-so-tolerant people, stop incessantly shoving it in my face! Want me to be tolerant too? Stop parading it!

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Mar-09-14 12:26 PM

It's interesting to sit back and listen to the liberal progressives, LGBTs, the "free spirits" in general preach on and on and on about tolerance. But put a conservative point of view in front of them, and tolerance is suddenly out the window. The very definition of hypocrisy.

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Mar-09-14 1:40 PM

Good points NBHH. Another example of the liberal progressive attitude. They are not satisfied if you just accept their position, you have to embrace it, if you don't you are attacked and described as bizarre and out of touch. Marriage was defined as being between a man and a woman. These groups have changed the definition to suit their personal situation. Another example of liberals changing the definition to suit themselves.

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Mar-09-14 4:41 PM

teacherinmarshall "The good news I can report is that the vast majority of the next generation finds Phil's kind of thinking to be stupefying."

Wouldn't that be because those of you who are liberal progressive "teachers in marshall" and everywhere else are indoctrinating out children into their perverted sense of what's acceptable? Suppose you explain to me what on earth is good news about that?

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Mar-09-14 5:49 PM

I think Phil is on the right track and I am sick of the intolerance shown by the gays to those who do not accept gay marriage. It will be interesting to see how many gay marriages take place and then the rate of divorce five and ten years down the road.

teach is very intolerant of views other than her own and as such should not be teaching our children - she has yet to show that she can present both sides and really mean it.

Time to get ready for polygamy now that the gates are open. The folks commenting on Phil's letter should be all for that and I will expect them to be marching in the streets soon.

You will soon see transgender college students flocking to the University of Illinois to take advantage of the student "health" fee increase just enacted for that purpose. I am surprised that Obamacare hasn't added this to its required "medical" services.

I am ready to deal with your responses. I hope teach wants to continue the conversation.

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Mar-09-14 6:28 PM

That is completely correct, teacher has no business educating our children with the one sided views shown in this forum. Ranger you are partially correct about the polygamy. If it is a "marriage" of 3 same sex people they will be all for it. If it is 1 man and 2 women they will be totally opposed. That wouldn't fit into their tolerant progressive thinking, to old school.

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Mar-09-14 11:53 PM

Scout, They have to hear the truth "somewhere".

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Mar-10-14 12:33 AM

NBHH & Al--

First--I'm a dad, rather than a mom. Interesting that you assume the opposite, Al.

Second--NBHH has stated MANY times that liberal teachers are pumping students with liberal poison, so I wasn't surprised to see that accusation resurface.

The observation I shared comes from listening and observing, rather than talking. I know I can't convince you of that, NBHH.

To me, the most interesting point is that even the most socially conservative students I listen to in my classroom these days are confused by anti-gay rhetoric. Seriously, they don't get it. Their reaction is "some people are gay, why is THIS a big deal?"

Like it or not, society at large is accepting homosexuals as what they are: human beings that God created and loves.

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Mar-10-14 12:44 AM


You've run into the crux and the beauty of the Constitution.

You see, I fully, 100% support your right to your point of view about homosexual people. You have that right and I won't take it from you.

However, I won't allow your point of view to deny American citizens their rights.

Your argument is THE EXACT argument that lead to the success of Jim Crow in the American South. Segregationists, and before them, slave owners even clung to the Bible as their defense of their point of view!

I am tolerant of your right to your point of view, but the time has come for you to recognize--as others have before you--that you cannot govern in a way that denies basic human rights.

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Mar-10-14 4:36 AM

teacherinmarshall-"some people are gay, why is THIS a big deal?" That was exactly my point in the first of my posts. Why do you, the LGBT, liberal progressives in general, have need to constantly parade the subject in front of those who choose only to tolerate it. I personally don't find a need to perpetually discuss it. Speaking personally, the more you throw it in my face, the more disgusting the subject becomes. And don't be blowing it out of proportion with your Jim Crowe stupidity. Gays couldn't begin to comprehend what blacks experienced with slavery, and it's idiotic to attempt to compare the two. These are the very innuendos you throw at our children and you are simply too sanctimonious to admit it. As far as teachers NOT influencing our children, are you really that ignorant? Why are you in the profession then, if not to make an impression? I'm saying don't make such negative impressions children's minds. The ones who truly choose to think freely do not appreciate

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Mar-10-14 9:17 AM

Jim Crowe laws had less to do with slavery than they did with discriminating against a group of people that whites found inferior to themselves. They used the Bible as a defense of their views. Many are doing the same thing now. Gay people haven't experienced slavery; however, they have suffered persecution, discrimination, and intolerance. Polygamists? Meh...if they're not hurting anyone (no underage marriages, no forced marriages, no abuse of children involved), then what's the big deal? Many characters in the Bible had multiple wives (note: always multiple wives--never multiple husbands...hmmm). PS. I do believe the incidence of LGBT individuals as a percentage of the entire population has not changed--it's just that they're more willing to not stay in the closet, so it seems like there's more. I, for one, am not willing to see this country turned into a theocracy. I like democracy too much!

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Mar-10-14 9:17 AM

teacher, the liberals primary tool for the indoctrination of students is the subtle, insidious use of political correctness. Once you mind manipulators strap on that worthless concept, you can get a child to aceept whatever you choose for them to accept. You tell them to have an open mind, then you simply disallow and punish free thought.

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Mar-10-14 9:51 AM

bystander, " I, for one, am not willing to see this country turned into a theocracy." Ok, then shouldn't "free thinking" liberals be attempting to constrain Islam and atheism in the same way as they do Christianity? It seems to demonstrate that liberals are no strangers to persecution. Your post, in fact, oozes religious persecution, but you don't bat an eye.

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Mar-10-14 10:09 AM

There it is - the race card trotted out. Do you realize how foolish you sound? None of us were alive in the Jim Crow era nor did we participate in any atrocities, so how is that relevant? Likewise none of us have set up special rules for gays or mistreated them. You may now list the perceived wrongs that were done by gays.

No majority exists to support gay marriage - the country is about evenly divided. Most gay marriage laws were passed with out a referendum by rather by a leftist legislature, or so ruled by a liberal judge without any input from the public or recourse.

teach - you start out saying how tolerant you are and then you prove you are not.

Are you transgender?

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Mar-10-14 10:28 AM

Leave it to blasphemer to suggest encouraging students to ignore the advice and teachings of parents, in favor of the slop that liberal teachers put in their minds. Keep in mind folks, that blasphemer has claimed many times being a teacher. There are many reasons to be alarmed and concerned for your children and grandchildren. On this thread, teacherinmarshall and blasphemer gave you far more reasons to worry.

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Mar-10-14 1:43 PM

I agree with the opinions and useful information presented by the first five individuals. However, I can’t help but notice how the comments of NBHH, Scout, rangeral, et al are nothing more than innuendo, senseless hyperbole and baseless accusations. They regard those who disagree with their view as “intolerent”, which is defined as “an unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differs from one's own”. Obviously, they have not quite grasped that concept.

I have no concerns with teacherinmarshall being a teacher. I do have concerns with NBHH being a parent.

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Mar-10-14 1:50 PM

hartman - apparently you had teach as a teacher so that is why you have low reading comprehension and cannot understand simple facts.

Now, tell me about your health insurance and what you are doing to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution.

Big talker, little doer.

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Mar-10-14 2:00 PM

hartmann the bombastic. Typical liberal who can't grasp common sense. Hasn't the depth of understanding to realize that a very sinister segment of the public school system is deliberately indoctrinating children subsequently citing their misleading dispensation of "education" as something noble. You would make the ideal liberal educator, as bad as that actually would be.

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Mar-10-14 2:33 PM

This whole string is an excellent example of the liberal wing forcing their views on the rest of us. It is not enough to accept their view it has to been thrown in the faces of those who don't embrace it. Teacher, you need to find a new occupation, bringing Jim Crow into this, stupid. Example, we are subjected to "gay pride parades" and other similar displays and told we should be supportive of them. If I held a white, straight male pride parade I would be labeled racist and intolerant or homophobic.

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