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Got insurance? STDs, unplanned pregnancy, guilt, depression?

March 5, 2014

To the editor: I saw an ad for Obamacare the week of Dec. 20, 2013, with Susie and Nate....

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Mar-14-14 5:17 PM

Ranger, from what I have seen Obamcare still isn't making it's numbers. Obama has finally given the individual some relief on the mandates. Of course that came after relief for the unions, after the corporations and all his special interests.. Business as usual for him, the average guy is at the bottom of the list. What a surprise.

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Mar-11-14 11:48 PM

How's that Obamacare thing working out? We still don't see any numbers five and a half months after web site went up, so it is hard to judge. I love the transparency!

Didn't go too well in Florida for the dem candidate, despite outspending her opponent two to one. Looking great for the fall elections.

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Mar-10-14 8:13 PM

This article reminds me of how the Catholic church (my own church) can ignore priests raping young boys (and girls), then send those same priests to other parishes to sweep the problem under the carpet. Who pays the bill for those victims? It's convenient for an ultra religious person to use the bible to bolster their opinion, but they have to realize their religion can at times function as a facilitator of everything they rail against. Using your religion as a basis for your argument also opens you up for complete rebuttal.

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Mar-10-14 5:03 PM

I see you two losers are back with a stance for free birth control as that will solve all the unwanted pregnancies. Fine, their parents should educate them and provide - at their own cost - any birth control that they want their children to have.

You liberals want the government to do everything for you and pay for that - maybe the next step is for someone in government or some self-righteous liberal perform the sex acts for them?

The Tea Party has only been around for about five years - where did all the illegitimate children and unmarried mothers come from then?

Take the tin foil hats off!

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Mar-10-14 4:44 PM

Just a word of caution deppfan, don’t attempt to makes sense of Tea Party and extreme Conservative views on reproductive rights. The contradictions can't be explained by applying logic, fairness or reality.

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Mar-10-14 12:12 PM

So children of single mothers are the cause of much of society’s problems and single mothers cost $112 billion annually (!), but French is against funding the birth control pill?

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Mar-07-14 6:38 PM

Obama won 2 elections because he is a charismatic individual with good stage presence. Other than that he is totally unqualified for the office he holds.

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Mar-07-14 6:36 PM

Back to name calling Hartman ? Anyone who doesn't believe your news sources is an extremist right wing group ? As usual you can't verify your facts with anything but broadcast news so you resort to personal attacks again. And for you Really, someone else got it right, the key word in your post in gimme. I hope you enjoy whatever benefit you think you got from ACA. When you retire you will see what it is costing you. My 80 year old parents are seeing large increases in their premiums because Obama stole the money from Medicare to pay for Obama care and ads like the one in Colorado. After over 5 years in office the only ones better off are the super rich and the gimmes, when does the working middle class get some help from Odumma ?

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Mar-07-14 12:13 PM

really - the key word in your rants is "gimmee" which is the battle cry for spending more money that we don't have. You are too cheap to even donate to the cancer fund.

The Dems lost control of the House after passing Obamacare.

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Mar-07-14 8:22 AM

The last several years we have seen the results of electing a professional liar who is bound and determined to ruin this country. Look at the unemployment? look at the illegals who have come swarming in like flies on a dead animal. What possible reason have we for being involved in the downfall of Egypt, Libya, the mess in Syria. The only thing I see is getting the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of those countries. You can't deny the lies from this administration and when cornered they plead the 5th so as not to spill the beans. The normal advice to the congressman is sign the bill and find out later what is in it. Then when you dare complain people like Reid holler you are all liars. Yes you got great people representing us. It used to be the people got a background check before being put in charge, Now they seal the records so you can't see the true story. As the real story of Obamacare is released people are realizing what a mistake it was and hopefully will vote accordingly.

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Mar-07-14 4:45 AM

Really, "You had your butt handed to you in the last 2 elections", To clarify, we had your A__ handed to us in the last 2 elections, that being Obama. And not because of some grand foresight. It was more because sleazeball Democrat campaign managers furnished the perfect set of lies and deception that an uninformed, fairytale seeking electorate would sucker for. The Socialist party then provided the custom made puppet to lie right along with them. "A new generation with a new explanation"? Yeah right. If each and every voter were a property owner and had something to lose besides food stamps or a cheap dorm room, I think you would have seen a whole different election result, both times.

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Mar-07-14 1:55 AM

AL, God, guns and gays platform isn't working anymore. You had your butt handed to you in the last 2 elections, be as sour as you want, we are moving forward past your Archie Bunker simpleton mentality. 5 years later you still offer nothing, no new direction, no new ideas on healthcare(I saved $ thanks to ACA), immigration, tax policy(eliminate carried interest, eliminate interest write off on luxury homes, second homes) . Republicans only react to Dems policy never lead with their own. Gimme a infrastructure/jobs bill, gimme a real improvement to the tax code, come forward on immigration. Contribute to the process instead of retarding it.

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Mar-07-14 1:43 AM

AL, so you have been paying attention to the fact that conservative groups have been paying for "trick" ads for years.

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Mar-06-14 11:46 PM

hartman - I made two calls one to each organization, with the spokesperson saying the work was government funded. If you want to play funny games on how the money was funneled to these folks, then be my guest.

You on the other hand never made any calls.

Next you'll be saying the Koch brothers funded this tasteless and ineffective ads.

Everyone notices how you deflect any questions about your own situation.

My guess is that you are locked up somewhere.

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Mar-06-14 11:39 PM

USA Today, the Denver Post, ABC News, Businessinsider, the Colorado Observer and Factcheck dot org along with a number of other news media outlets all reported no taxpayer funds were used to create, produce or distribute the ads in question. The ONLY media outlets blaming Obama for the ads are extremist right-wing groups, like freedomworks.

I'll take the word of Amy Runyon-Harms, executive director of ProgressNow Colorado who publicly stated no taxpayer funds were used and factcheck dot org over yours any day.

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Mar-06-14 9:13 PM

I believe you called me a liar, hartman. Where are the facts to back up your statement?

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Mar-06-14 6:39 PM

hartmann, Slightly over half of the electorate have heard, and believed, this same hogwash that you used to describe Obama. At the same time they have ignored the true nature of the man, kinda like you have. It is because of this snow job his election team has put forth that our nation has been endangered for yet another four years. Slightly over half of the electorate still doesn't get it. Too much of what they perceive as "free stuff" I guess. To quote Pink Floyd. "Welcome to the Machine", the Democrat machine, the nation killer.

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Mar-06-14 6:24 PM

That’s all you guys (or gals) have? Since my last post, all I have read in the comment boxes is your typical empty rhetoric lacking logic and fact. None of you can provide anything of substance to challenge my statements. The description of Obama is factual, void of preconceived notions. Many who have met and spent time with Obama describe him using the same terms. Evidently rangeral is unable to distinguish between a "race card" and “member of a minority”. Those terms are not interchangeable.

“I have a wonderful wife, great children and grandchildren and here you go calling us names.” No rangeral, I only referred to YOU as Pinocchio, not your family, based on your penchant for spreading falsehoods even after evidence proved you wrong.

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Mar-06-14 5:20 PM

Please Hartman I almost puked up my late lunch,(no time to stop with these wonderful roads today) reading your glowing adjectives of Mr. Obama. If I may I really think you missed a few that more aptly describe Barry. Like arrogant, dishonest, narcissistic, and as Al already said "at best" incompetent.

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Mar-06-14 3:58 PM

I always find that when hit with the truth, hartman goes off on another tangent. One of his favorites is the race card and yes here it is today.

At best Obama is incompetent.

I have a wonderful wife, great children and grandchildren and here you go calling us names. I'll match my accomplishments with yours any day.

Are you in jail - is that why you won't talk about your healthcare?

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Mar-06-14 2:34 PM

"We twice elect an individual that is a member of a minority . . . . blah, blah, blah." No, not WE, hartmann. All that sentence demonstrates is that slightly over half of the electorate vote, being clueless about the risks of electing the person they are voting for; vote for that person because the reward is government handouts; vote for him because he is a minority; or maybe they just vote for him because he is "cute". Shouldn't those reasons for electing a President kinda scare you, hartmann?

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Mar-06-14 2:13 PM

Geeze Hartman, are you going to propose to him next ? You did leave out a couple qualifications he does not possess. He is definitely not honest, not a good manager, does not respect or abide by the constitution of our country, he has no experience, his leadership skills are the joke of the globe and he is a socialist. This country was not founded on socialism.

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Mar-06-14 2:02 PM

USA News, The Denver Post and ABC are all liberal news sources and I would expect them to continue to toe the party line. Hartman you seem to ignore the calls Ranger made to the originations and the response he received. Yes I do live in the real world and am familiar with all the bad behavior you listed. This is just the first time I have seen the federal government promote such behavior in order to advance their policies. The ad in question was a joint effort posted by local organizations and paid for with Obamacare funds, that he stole from Medicare.

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Mar-06-14 1:58 PM

"I suspect they are jealous of the man and what he has been able to accomplish, especially given the sorry state of affairs he inherited."

Yep, hartmann, I'm jealous of a man who has made the "sorry state of affairs he inherited" 10 trillion times worse, and has turned a once proud nation into a laughing stock around the globe, and has twisted everything that's wrong with our nation-laziness, lack of morals, financial irresponsibility-into something to be glorified.

hartmann, come on. Would I actually be jealous of that?

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Mar-06-14 1:52 PM

Here is Scenario #3 westline: We twice elect an individual that is a member of a minority group and raised by a single mother who, through perseverance and hard work, becomes President of the U.S.. Under intense public scrutiny, he is raising, with the help of his wife, two intelligent well mannered daughters. By all appearances, he is energetic, scholarly, kind, selfless, eloquent, faithful, honest, and possesses a keen sense of humor. By every measure, he is an outstanding role model for millions of individuals regardless of gender, color or creed. Except of course, for the small-minded individuals whose own inability to achieve success causes them to cast aspersions on those who have.

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