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Program cuts, retirement incentives part of the plan to address SMSU deficit

February 20, 2014

MARSHALL — Southwest Minnesota State University is continuing to take steps to address a $3.2 million projected deficit, SMSU President Connie Gores said Thursda....

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Feb-25-14 11:01 AM

HolyRoller: It is spelled "exorbitant."

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Feb-25-14 10:53 AM

The university is spending money on an inauguration after announcing a massive budget shortfall!?!?! I am outraged. I don't pay taxes so that my money can be used on a party. This is disgraceful.

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Feb-25-14 10:15 AM

Anyone gaming the system and not carrying their load should be the first place to cut - regardless of position, seniority, etc. I do think some programs, some faculty and staff will need to be cut - it is the unfortunate ebb and flow of business - and today's economic climate. SMSU has been extremely lucky to have relative stability compared to the private sector. In a $30-$50M business, I do find that there is a need for strong administrative staff. From what I see, generally speaking, the salaries for those folks aren't necessarily out of line.

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Feb-25-14 8:42 AM

I am an alumna of SMSU. I also received a very fancy invite in the mail for the President's inauguration. I do agree with SomeSenseplease. Poor timing and not good stewardship. So sad to see this happening to this school that could be a diamond in the rough. I do have to agree there is a ton of neopotism that has been allowed for years. There were big trips, parties, and etc. I even was invited to some of these events but now see bigger issues. In adddition, the school has failed to hire qualified Marshall residents who have a true to desire to see this school succeed. Just bad all around!

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Feb-25-14 5:36 AM

Here's a question for President Gores: how much money is being spent on your inauguration in April? The fancy invitations are now being much did those cost? How much is the big elaborate meal for attendees going to cost?

And don't give us the song and dance that the money being spentvon your inauguration has no relation to the budget is money, or more succinctly, MANAGEMENT and STEWARDSHIP of money is money. What is the mindset of the administration that it is ok to waste money on an elaborate inauguration while people at the university are losing their jobs????

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Feb-24-14 10:26 PM

Well, it looks like one of the administrators finally chimed in... I can't speak for anyone else, but what I want is accountability. Those who manipulate the system in order to profit from it, while hurting others and lying about it the entire time should be held accountable. End of story.

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Feb-24-14 12:23 PM

Looks like all the posters are right. Taxpayers should demand that the university eliminate athletics, fire all administration (but give keep other jobs at the college) and let the students manage the colleges' finances. <sarcasm>

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Feb-23-14 9:30 PM

You are correct, O Holy One. The entire President's Cabinet is corrupt. Two of them have wives working at the university in meaningless, inflated positions with high salaries. Of course, THEIR positions are in no danger!

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Feb-23-14 9:05 PM

I have been watching the news for and about this university for a long time. It amazes me how our tax dollars are being used to support a corrupt bunch of cronies who seem to care very little about the institution that they are hired to protect. People are commenting that it was the Danahar administration that put us in this situation, but honestly, things appear to have changed very little. There still seem to be back-room deals and extreme nepotism. They keep saying one thing and doing another, all the while saying trust us, trust us. The state should pull these people out of their positions. They have no integrity what-so-ever. I'm sick of having my tax dollars going to pay their absorbanent salaries. Now we hear that money from the state and from tuition is being used to fund athletic scholarships. That's shameful enough, but then they are holding that money against the academic programs and using it to justify cuts. That is absolutely reprehensible. Clean them out!

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Feb-23-14 8:51 PM

NEPOTISM STATE UNIVERSITY, home of the domless dome.

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Feb-22-14 2:17 PM

I can tell you from the point of view of the students that this has been an incredibly frustrating process. I have heard the president say on several occasions that the students would be invited into the discussion, but nothing has happened. No meetings, no discussions, no nothing. This is going to impact us. Depending on what programs are cut or limited, many of us will have to transfer to other schools. We deserve a voice in this process.

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Feb-22-14 8:02 AM

There is no question that Danahar's decisions were very destructive to the sustainability of the campus. The financial and moral recovery, even with the right leaders and right choices, will take at least five years. Partly responsible for this debacle is MNSCU, who should have let him go after five years, but chose not to. Bad decision.

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Feb-21-14 10:32 PM

Thank you, Marshall Native. The faculty will tell you 46% of the shortfall is money that was diverted into funding athletic scholarships and paying for the seemingly endless supply of grad assistants for the athletic teams.

Rumor is that money that was raised for Ag scholarships was never used for scholarships.

The current president needs to demand answers from the Danahar puppets who still populate and dominate Founders Hall.

Better yet, she should look for the answers herself.

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Feb-21-14 3:56 PM

When is the Independent going to exhibit some journalistic integrity and try to examine all sides of an issue rather than simply repeating the propaganda spewed by the SMSU administration. They act like this is no big deal. It is a big deal. People's lives are going to be affected. Good, hardworking people are going to loose their jobs. Many of these people barely make substance wages. Meanwhile, the president makes over a quarter of a million dollars per year (Look it up, it's public record). Talk to more than just the administration. Talk to the staff, talk to the faculty, talk to the students. Get a real perspective. Please.

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Feb-21-14 10:41 AM

I believe it's just as important to find out how the university arrived at this point, not just how is it going to be addressed.

I don't believe funding support and enrollment demographics can be entirely to blame.

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Feb-21-14 9:21 AM

Dropping a Spanish program in this day and age is just plain stupid. You're letting naive young people make your decisions for you?

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