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In some ways, culture in America has changed for the worse

February 19, 2014

To the editor: It isn’t often that I feel provoked to write on political matters. There are so many more important things in life than politics and all things political....

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Feb-19-14 11:40 AM

Very well said. In this country it is no longer acceptable to disagree with the latest politically correct topic. Even if you accept an opposing view but politely disagree you are branded a radical or hate monger. Never in our history has this political thought police type of behavior been forced upon us like it is under the current administration.

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Feb-19-14 8:51 PM

Excellent letter Mr. Frerich very well written. Thanks

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Feb-20-14 9:08 AM

Great letter John! The politically correct will huff and puff before reading it. The climate change folks who deliberately ignore actuality, in order to perpetuate their frantic agenda will continue with the trivializing, the hyperbole, the dispensation of mythical "facts", and, yes, the name calling.

Scout, you encapsulated the problems facing our America and what she stands for with 3 words, "the current administration".

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Feb-20-14 9:09 AM

If Mr. Freich finds America's continued respect for individual freedom and liberty so offensive, then perhaps he should consider moving to Russia. Their anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-mixed race, pro-religion, pro-gun, anti-dissent attitudes should make him and every other "social conservative" feel right at home.

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Feb-20-14 9:17 AM

I had a chuckle when Mr. French quoted John Kerry and heads buried in the sand, becausethat is apparently where his is. He also mentioned tolerence, something that he appears not to have. It's time to grow up John.

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Feb-20-14 9:20 AM

selyon, blasphemer, I rest my case.

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Feb-20-14 10:30 AM

In the face of what he so eloquently and factually presented, the writer has demonstrated, in so doing, that hope yet exists. Out-shouted is not out-numbered. For refusing to be silent, I salute you.

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Feb-20-14 12:37 PM

Interesting how: 1. the global warming crowd changed their cries to "climate change" so as to encompass any variance from the average in weather, when an average weather pattern has probably never existed 2. John Kerry had to go to Jakarta to flap his yap because he would have no audience about global warming during this colder than normal winter in the United States.

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Feb-20-14 1:13 PM

Homosexuality is a choice? So the kid in middle school who is struggling and who is bullied, chose that? How ignorant! Open up your eyes! Mix with people other than those inside your sect.

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Feb-20-14 1:57 PM

The real problem, Mr. Frerich, stems from politicizing social and environmental issues. Unfortunately, these days the tendency is to rely on ideology, not pragmatism, to form opinions. There is no question, conservatives and liberals benefit from measures that reduce or eliminate pollutants contaminating our environment. So we are left with a choice; either promote and adopt strategies that address the harm caused by pollution or pretend it does not matter. Clearly choosing the latter approach is foolish based on the factual evidence proving man-made pollution is detrimental to both our environment and health. Scientific evidence has revealed our climate is changing. The fundamental issues affecting climate change may not be obvious but all plausible causes must be explored based on our current knowledge of factors that influence climate change. A debate between conservative and liberal ideology will not change that fact.

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Feb-20-14 4:14 PM

hartmann, yeah our climate is changing. Colder than average summers; Colder than average winters; Warmer than average summers; Warmer than average winters. It's changing in cyclic patterns just like it has for millions and millions of years. There have been runaway greenhouse effects and there have been extreme ice ages, i.e. Snowball Earth. None of them were caused by man. By comparison to those "climate changes" occurring NATURALLY, man's effect on the planet isn't even a blip on the chart. Mother Earth will clean itself up each and every time without a miniscule, insignificant effort form miniscule, insignificant man. Maybe next time she'll clean herself of the arrogant, self-important climate change wackos.

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Feb-20-14 5:18 PM

Hey Blasphemer & SEL, thanks for validating my comment.

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Feb-20-14 5:40 PM

"Mother Earth will clean itself up each and every time without a miniscule, insignificant effort form miniscule, insignificant man."

While you seem willing to accept the fact you're a "miniscule, insignificant man" nonetheless we each have a responsibility to do whats right for ourselves, our neighbors and future generations. Like the earth, our bodies cleanse waste from what we ingest. Using your logic, its ok to ingest waste! Perhaps that's why you feel insignificant.

BTW, how do you know what climate cycles existed millions of years ago?

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Feb-20-14 6:04 PM

hartmann, we already are taking steps to keep the planet habitable, and have been doing so long before the very laughable Al Gore, John Kerry, B. Hussein Obama, and the new knee-erk EPA existed. The far left acts like nothing has been done, so they spin it over the top to the point where it seriously affects the economy, or inexpensive heating, or affordable transportation, or on and on and on. The far left tends to destroy far more than it corrects, and frankly the hippie throwbacks are beoming a real pain for the whole planet! Actually nothing but a pain. From that frantic segment, there is no environmental good deed here!

How do I know the Earth progresses in cycles? Put it this way. I would much rather accept the hypotheses and concrete theories of a large body of pragmatic geologists, than accept the screeches of the mis-uideds huddling fearfully in Copenhagen.

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Feb-20-14 6:07 PM

[delete "mis-uideds", insert "mis-guideds"]

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Feb-20-14 6:17 PM

There is a growing theory that the earth is still in the warming process after the last ice age. A natural cycle.

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Feb-20-14 9:27 PM

Whether they are called warmers or changers, their problem is the same. They cannot bear to think of an earth and it's atmosphere so vast as to be beyond their ability to imagine, much less to control. A domed asteroid would be more their speed. Assuming someone would be willing to construct it for them, since it, too, would be far beyond their abilities. God's earth and his plan for it will go on. People can only hurt one another and the desire to hurt is strong now in those who reject God's plan. The faithful are being persecuted. On the far side of the globe they are fire-bombed. In the west, faith is being branded a hate crime. Courts pass judgement upon them for their faith. Some persecutors will see the error of their ways and come to faith to be healed. Many will not. God will sort them out.

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Feb-21-14 9:17 AM

A lot of ignorance coming out in this thresd.

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Feb-21-14 12:02 PM

NBHH claims the planet is already being made habitable in spite of Al Gore, the EPA and hippies, besides man is insignificant and his actions have little effect on the planet, therefore worrying about pollution and climate change is a waste of time then proclaims “Maybe next time she'll clean herself of the arrogant, self-important climate change wackos”. Obviously, NBHH is unclear on the concept of tolerance even after praising Mr. Frerich’s letter condemning purported intolerance expressed by those who oppose HIS views on climate change.

Next, WW07 claims that since man is incapable of grasping the vastness of our atmosphere any effort to affect our climate would be futile besides whatever happens to earth has been preordained in accordance with God’s plan. Evidently, we would be thwarting God’s plan to destroy the earth by curtailing CO2 emissions.

As Mr. Frerich laments in his comments, so much for having a “healthy debate”.

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Feb-21-14 12:18 PM

Mr. Frerich raises a good point. What happens when the bullies become the bullied? He is entitled to his beliefs in the same way the KKK and Neo-Nazis are entitled to demonstrate in public. It is ironic that he feels that he has been discriminated against because of what he believes, yet he believes that people should be discriminated against because of who they are. Nonetheless, we all need to be tolerant of the views of others no matter how ridiculous we deem them.

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Feb-21-14 3:39 PM

Where on this thread am I denying you your opinion, hartmann? The ONLY reason I chose the word "wacko" when referring to the global warming crowd is because they ignore the big picture and the cyclic nature of nature. And why have they conveniently changed their mantra to "climate change"? My guess is so they can panic about even the slightes variation in weather, hot or cold. If that's not an arrogant and desperate attempt to deliberately mislead the public, I don't know what is. So think what you want hartmann. Buy the "global warming" argument, now made so much easier by calling it "climate change". But unlike your ilk, I'm not misleading anyone. I'm only urging those who would listen to include the historic, geological data that chronicles Earth's cyclic processes through the ages, and maybe the climate change hoopla will indeed look wacky, as it should.

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Feb-22-14 2:29 PM

Quoting Charles Battig-

"“Climate change” has been coopted by the progressive/liberal movement as something akin to the “universal solvent.” It is the term used to explain any untoward event anywhere, and direct blame to all of mankind…but with the exception of the ruling class. It is the term that brings visions of guaranteed profits to the corporate cronyist, endless government research grants to compliant scientists, and elitist political control of the populace, whose function is reduced to paying for the scam."

Charles Battig, M.D., Piedmont Chapter president, VA-Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment (VA-SEEE). His website climateisdotwordpressdotcom

First posted on American Thinker

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Feb-22-14 4:10 PM

WW, so what Battig is saying is that "climate change" enthusiasts are the bigger suckers, completely snowed by the "corporations" they hate? Those of us skeptics, on the other hand, are more dubious of the powers that be than the hippie throwbacks themselves? By George, I think he is right. But hey, we actually knew that already. Watch the greenies try to thrash you on this one.

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Feb-23-14 11:45 PM

Everything negative the writer says our culture is he fosters.

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Feb-24-14 9:17 AM

Really, delete "writer", and insert "Obama and his minions, the liberal progressives".

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