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Minimum wage — how high will it go in Minnesota?

February 7, 2014

MARSHALL — After failing to get out of conference a year ago, the minimum wage debate will likely rise again at the state Capitol during the 2014 session, and this year, supporters of an increase to......

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Feb-10-14 2:21 PM

So, blah, blah, blah, I guess you were right farmkid, it is relevant.

Yeah, there are other companies that follow that philosophy, and there are companies that don't. So what? The companies that treat their people right have to be in the minority, because last time I checked, nobody was ******** that they were being paid correctly for the work they do.

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Feb-10-14 12:17 PM

farmkid, what is it with you and Walmart? There are other corporations in the world that don't follow the Walmart philosophy in any way shape or form. To see how you frame the Walmart company, you would think that they would go out of business for lack of employees. I've been there. Lack of staff doesn't seem to be a problem.

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Feb-09-14 6:08 PM

Sam Walton was legendary for paying his people next to nothing, and later, minimum wage. This is a trend that the company continues to this day, as well as making the bulk of its staff part time to keep from paying benefits.

As successful as Wal-Mart has been, the top end should be able to pay its people better, yet for some reason, doesn't.

Now, what was that you were preaching about unrelated comments? You really didn't see that coming???

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Feb-09-14 1:49 PM

Many of the non-productive employees were minimum wage earners. Do you get where this is going farmkid?

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Feb-09-14 5:59 AM

"Layoffs were non-productive employees, as it should be".

How does that tie into the government raising minimum wage?

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Feb-08-14 3:36 PM

I would like to know what responsibility the wage earner wants to further enrich his earnings? Seems I was taught if you want more money then flipping burgers you have to have some experience in a field that pays more. This is the wage earners responsibility to make choices to benefit their own life. Truth be known not everyone has the ambition or skills to succeed in starting a business. Many fail but the reward for success is being your own boss and owning your own business. Hiring help is a expense and like all expenses it has to pay for itself. If the expense is to high the business will fail. So the end product price will have to go up. If it is to high no one will buy it and the business will fail. If you want to earn more money then the Marshall area will pay move to North Dakota. Go where the jobs are.

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Feb-08-14 10:57 AM

farmkid you guys are so dang good at constantly deflecting off topic.

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Feb-08-14 8:49 AM

Walton would be so proud of you.

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Feb-07-14 9:37 PM

Wasn't a local company farmkid. Rocky Mountain region. Worked for the company for 20 years. Layoffs were non-productive employees, as it should be.

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Feb-07-14 8:29 PM

Try leaving your SWMN comfort zone. Face it, there's not a lot of money floating around out here. For either business or employees. Why do you think so few stay? An increase in minimum wage will drive higher unemployment and less entry level jobs. If you only have so much to pay you won't have room for someone learning their way in. Advancement in position and wages happens every day. People do get ahead. It's unfortunate liberal enablers work so hard to convince graduates at every level they are guaranteed a job that provides a mapped out course to financial security and lush retirement. There aren't that many government jobs available.

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Feb-07-14 7:43 PM

I thought I remembered you. When I was there, we'd get a 5% increase in pay while inflation went up 8%. Our secretaries were forced to quit because daycare cost more than they were taking home.

All this after a good year. Good times, good times.

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Feb-07-14 6:50 PM

Yes allenlyon I get it. Do you even realize that the many of these "bazillionaires" are legislators, ex-legislators, ex-Presidents, lobbyists, or all of the above who are in bed with the aristocracy. I don't like them much either, and that's the reason why. However, have you ever been offerred a job by a welfare recipient? Think about it.

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Feb-07-14 6:16 PM

I'm so worried about the bazillionairs, that this might cause them to buy one less car, house, villa in Italy, diamond brooch, dinner at 4starbubbas, vacation on the moon, etc.

Could it be that trickle up economics really works, since trickle down did not?

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Feb-07-14 5:00 PM

farmkid, everytime the earnings of the company I worked for were up, I got a proportionate raise. It was one of those large corporations you guys are always grumbling about.

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Feb-07-14 4:56 PM

selyon, you said it your self, jobs will be lost with a substantial minimum wage increase. "Greedy" corporations maintaining profits, or small business struggling to survive. It's loss of jobs either way. What you're saying is you would de-incentivize wage earners from seeking a better job by giving them a "livable" minimum wage rather than strengthening the job market? One thing government intervention will never do is strengthen the job market as proven by just mindlessly wantting to make minimum wage a livable wage. Keep the populace dependent on government in order to maintain control of them. Socialism at its worst.

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Feb-07-14 4:27 PM

NBHH, why shouldn't a "starter" job pay a living wage? Keep in mind that $9.50 an hour is barely enough for someone starting out to scrap by with. Also, if there are so many higher paying jobs out there then why are well qualified people with college degrees working at minimum wage jobs? Hint: off-shoring.

Bottom line is that wages have not kept pace with inflation or the growth of the economy. The argument that higher minimum wages will put people out of work is BS, too. Corporate greed will put people out of work, and they'll just use the minimum wage or the ACA as an excuse.

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Feb-07-14 4:10 PM

Not the government's job? So in a healty economy, when profits are up, business owners are going to raise their employees' wages? Why wouldn't they just keep the profits and tell their employees that there are plenty of other jobs out there if they don't like their pay?

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Feb-07-14 2:18 PM

Spring no matter how you frame it, the responsibility for higher wages is the wage earners, not the government's. With government meddling, there is likely to be even fewer jobs in a down market.

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Feb-07-14 1:49 PM

NBHH - You act as if there is a "higher wage job" tree out there and, if only everyone wasn't so lazy, they would all be making decent earnings. Wake up - good jobs aren't so easy to come by anymore. Even for those with an education.

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Feb-07-14 1:06 PM

Minimum wage is the wage for a STARTER JOB, selyon, NOT a liveable wage. It is a wage earner's obligation to move to a higher wage scale. It should never be the responsibility of government. Mininum wage is the ideal launchpad for the student. Why do you think they are getting an education, to stay at minimum wage? Think selyon!

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Feb-07-14 12:57 PM

blasphemer, you said at one time, that you were a teacher. To repeat, the part of the work force most vulnerable to job loss in the environment following a minimum wage increase are college and high school students. Yet from your teacher's frame of reference, short sightedness that costs students' their jobs is a good thing? What else would you freely sacrifice our children for? Oh yeah, you probably voted for Obama which means our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay the bills brought by your generation. Never mind.

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Feb-07-14 12:52 PM

Since when is 39% is a small special interest group? That's over a third of Minnesotans earning less than a living wage. $9.50 an hour is barely above poverty level for a 3 person household.

If worker pay had increased at the same rate as worker productivity and output the minimum wage would be over $25 an hour. But that would have "redistributed wealth" from the people who just rake in the profits of others' labors to the people who actually produce something, and we can't have that, can we?

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Feb-07-14 12:25 PM

If higher wages are all that is required to fix the economy, the smart move would be to maximize the minimum. Find out the highest hourly wage currently being paid in Minnesota and make that the minimum wage. I realize it may be higher than the amount some employers are taking home but we all have to pull together and raise all our debt ceilings if that is what it takes. I'm quoting Franken here so it must be right. Right?

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Feb-07-14 12:18 PM

Where are the jobs, both nationally and in MN?

A strong economy pulls everyone up. An increase in minimum wag does not.

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Feb-07-14 11:27 AM

When those people lose their jobs because their employers can't afford minimum wage, they can just do on to welfare. Don't worry, Uncle Barry will take care of you.

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