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Keystone XL Pipe-dream

February 4, 2014

To the editor: Recently I read a syndicated column by Charles Krauthammer attempting to draw the public into supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline....

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Mar-09-14 11:54 PM

Excellent point MB, it is sad that you can make more off public assistance than you can working fulltime. Would be nice to see the working class get a break sometime. Solar and wind aren't practical yet either. For what it is worth, I would rather see 2 pipelines than the oil on barges.

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Mar-04-14 4:24 PM

(((Show me a positive fracking report that wasn't produced by, backed or in some way manipulated by an energy company.)))) FrackNation was done with out any help of the oil and gas industry. Originally against fracking until they investigated it. Fracking has been done in our country since early oil drilling years of 1910 and earlier. Most of us live with in 10 miles of a frack site here in ND. I will take all the hours as there is no work in Minnesota. Sadly our country gives more to those that play wii get food stamps and have iphones on the backs of working america.


This article talks about how Bakken Crude will be Barged. So the pipeline for Keystone may never arrive but the Oil drilled has to move from point A to point B. I have not seen people who oppose the pipeline stop driving cars or shut of their electric. Funny Windmills use oil and so does Solar energy so guess the dino fossil fuel will always be kicking

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Feb-28-14 9:44 AM

So a local law enforcement officer not stopping me for speeding is selective law enforcement but the nations top law enforcement watching illegal drug sales and not stopping them is pragmatic ? That is the biggest example of liberal hogwash, double standard I have ever heard.

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Feb-27-14 11:53 PM

"So if the Lyon County Sherriff stops me for driving 5mph over the speed limit should I tell him I'm being pragmatic and he will let me go"

You are missing the point scout. If an officer clocked you driving over the speed limit and decided not to stop you, THAT would be considered selective law enforcement.

Why don't YOU be a big boy Scout and call the President demanding he make a decision because you believe the date is in.

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Feb-27-14 2:53 PM

So if the Lyon County Sherriff stops me for driving 5mph over the speed limit should I tell him I'm being pragmatic and he will let me go ??

The Obama/Holder team only enforce the law when it serves their interests.

Yes the pipeline is a difficult decision. If Obama is the hard working presidents you claim he is why hasn't he made the difficult decision ? That's what he gets paid for and he has done noting for months. The data is in, time to be a big boy and make a choice.

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Feb-27-14 11:15 AM

"...what do you call a political leader who selectively enforces or does not enforce laws ?"

A pragmatist. Calvin Coolidge did little to enforce the prohibition of alcohol while Bush failed to prosecute those who authorized the use of torture.

As for the pipeline - there are many issues to consider which makes it a difficult decision.

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Feb-26-14 7:19 PM

OK Hartman, what do you call a political leader who selectively enforces or does not enforce laws ?

On the pipeline, Why has Obama not come out with a decision on it ?

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Feb-26-14 5:35 PM

“Hartman as usual you have no facts.”

Here is a fact Scout. You contend Obama is a dictator because he selectively enforces specific laws. A dictator is defined as “a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force”. The actions of Obama are not those of a dictator, so factually you are wrong.

You criticize my lack of facts by offering nothing more than opinion. Judging by the content of your opinions, you appear unable to gather information from various sources, consider all sides of an issue and separate hyperbole from fact. Since you seem content to simply pass along the false rhetoric of right wing extremists and Fox News, I’ll pass.

Let's stick to the issues pertaining to the pipeline.

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Feb-26-14 2:21 PM

Hartman, credibility is in the eye of the beholder, I suggest you take your rose colored sun glasses off. Can't find an example of a real job Obama ever held can you ? No comment about the selective enforcement of the law ? His election only proves he was able to fool most of the people. He is a politician/salesman, not an effective leader of a nation.

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Feb-26-14 12:57 PM

Deion & Scout, your trite comments regarding Obama ignore the fact he was elected President TWICE by receiving a majority of votes from Americans, like me. His credibility is much better than either of you two.

Here’s some research tips. Google CBC News for pipeline incidents. You’ll find a map that documents incidents involving pipeline spills covering a 12 year period. Also, search Mike Klink. He’s a former pipeline inspector who reported TransCanada cut corners on construction of pipeline segments already completed. Mike made the claim in Jan 2012.

NBHH, landowners oppose having the pipeline on their land for several reasons. Online you’ll find news articles that describe the objections raised by landowners concerning eminent domain. They can speak for themselves. You can either respect or empathize with their views or not.

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Feb-26-14 11:13 AM

I stand by my comment about not working. He never has. Give me one example of a job he has had where he is accountable for his actions and could walk into work and be fired on the spot. He has been a scholar and a politician with no practical experience in the real world. If he had actually worked a regular job paying taxes he wouldn't be stripping funds from our future Medicare benefits for his legacy failure, Obamacare. He is a career scholar & politician who has never been in touch with the average person going to work every day.

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Feb-26-14 11:02 AM

Hartman as usual you have no facts. Your "backyard comment", if you had bothered to read my previous posts you would know I am not in favor of the pipeline one reason being property rights. That being said Deion is correct, the money paid for access is there every year, good crops or bad. If 1 or 2 hold outs are stopping a project of this size I suspect we are not being given the whole story. Deion is also correct about Obama being a dictator not a president. Fact to back this up, look at his law enforcement policy. He only enforces local, state & federal laws he agrees with and ignores the ones he doesn't like. Colorado legalized recreational pot, a violation of federal law yet his justice department does nothing. Several states have past defense of marriage laws, his justice department has told the state ag's they don't need to defend this law. Selective enforcement of the law by a dictator.

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Feb-26-14 6:23 AM

Earlier in the thread, I compared the compensation structure for Keystone affected landowners to local practices as applied to drainage ditches and transmission lines. What Deion says about Keystone XL practices? Sounds very comparable to me despite hartmann claims to the contrary. Hartmann spews meaningless, errant "facts" with such misplaced pride, so lets hear the "all knowing" hartmann grumble, fumble and deflect about Deion's last offering of facts.

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Feb-26-14 3:47 AM

Of all the comments and talking trash about Keystone XL. Did anyone do any research about TransCanada?? What we actually do? I don't believe a one of the bashers have a clue. Your all leaving out one major component of TransCanada. I'm going to let you all research a bit before I let you in on a little information about us.

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Feb-26-14 3:41 AM

Also there is crop deficiencies. We have been paying for crops over the pipe for 25 years. Pay for drain tile that's within 500' of our pipe even though we don't need to but TransCanada does. Dry years yes the crops are not as good over the pipe about 20' width and we pay for compensation. Wet years the crop is better for that 20' width but they don't pay us for those years?

Do some research and see just how many refineries are in operation and how many are shut down. They are not running full out guaranteed.

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Feb-26-14 3:34 AM

Like you said Hartman ask any of the past presidents. Obama is not a president! More of a dictator that is turning a once wonderful country into a place people are ashamed to say they live.

Also no company would go onto a farmers land and tear stuff up without talking to them first. We pay out more money when we need to work in a field than you would ever imagine. Paying premium price for poor crops. On the bad farm years they pray for us to need to work in there field so they can make some money.

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Feb-25-14 10:52 PM

Obama doesn't work? I don't know where you get your information Scout, but it's obvious you are misinformed. Serving as President of the United States is the hardest job in the world. Just research what any one of the past Presidents have said about the pressure of being president.

The "obstacles" happen to be American taxpayers that don't want the pipeline on their property. As long as it's not in your backyard, right Scout?

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Feb-25-14 3:39 PM

Those capitalists, you mentioned make money and spend money supporting businesses. The socialists, just take your money and spend it.

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Feb-25-14 3:32 PM

Hartman let me correct you on one major error in you last post. Socialists like Obama DON'T WORK, they spend other peoples money, our money. They are not working feverishly to ensure completion they are sitting back waiting for the best time to step in and maximize the political gain for themselves. When private companies and local governments have overcome 99% of the obstacles to this project Obama will come out in support and claim victory for himself. He will take credit for job creation, tax revenues and everything else he can think of. In reality all he will have done is sit back and wait for someone else to do the work and solve the problems.

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Feb-24-14 10:23 AM

“I'm sure at some point Comrade Obama and his socialist ilk will step in ensure completion of the pipeline.”

Really Scout? Why would Socialists work feverishly to ensure completion of a project that puts billions of dollars in profits into the pockets of Capitalists? Please explain the logic behind that claim.

The Keystone pipeline will simply make it easier for Canadian and U.S. Corporations to ship oil extracted from the tar sands to foreign markets. While Corporations profit, taxpayers in the U.S. will be left with the cleanup costs when, not if, the pipeline leaks.

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Feb-23-14 3:18 AM

Scout, you perhaps unwittingly, alluded to the real issue at play here, a little bit of extortion perhaps? Now the business interests can simply inform the "greedy skunks", that they are going around the "woodpile".

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Feb-22-14 11:18 AM

I go back to one of my original statements. Build a refinery close to the supply. This would reduce transportation of the crude and of the finished product. It would also create more permanent jobs in the local community.

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Feb-22-14 11:15 AM

NBHH, the part you seem to be missing about "granting compensated right-of-way" is that it is forced granting. Eminent domain was not officially used but the line was going through farmers land against their wishes. They were being paid but they were opposed to it and the line would have proceeded on the governors orders. That I have a problem with. I believe it was 3 Nebraska farmers. If that is the case TransCanada, US corporations and the US government should be able to come up with sufficient cash to buy them out. I wouldn't be too concerned, I'm sure at some point Comrade Obama and his socialist ilk will step in ensure completion of the pipeline. I'm sure he is just waiting for the moment when he can maximize the political gain for himself. After it is in operation our already overworked Gulf Coast refineries will have another reason to raise gas prices.

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Feb-21-14 5:36 PM

hartmann, maybe we should never leave our house again, because we might get eaten by a Tyrannasaurus Rex.

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Feb-21-14 5:29 PM

I'll be right there with you to condemn the behavior of radical anti-abortion groups. Violent behavior that endangers and kills is wrong no matter what. But it has been demonstrated repeatedly that, unlike me, many on the left will condone endangerment and killing if it furthers their cause. Example, they originated from the left, those who sympathized with and validated the actions of the 9/11 hijackers. Think truthers.

As for the "tainted land", why is it necessary for opponents to emphasize events that will likely never occur at the expense of jobs, ending U.S. dependency of foreign oil, and economic recovery. As I have noted in the past, Keystone XL opponents incessantly wring their collective hands over things non-existent.

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