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Propane shortage prompts an appeal to the president

January 28, 2014

MARSHALL — Arctic temperatures and transportation difficulties have resulted in alarmingly low supplies of propane heating fuel for homes and farms in the Upper Midwest....

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Jan-30-14 8:44 AM

Propane shortage? Well I know what America needs. A sternly worded lecture delivered by an old man who knows how to do these things. Once we get enough sternly worded lectures about personal responsibility, the propane problem will fix itself. My plan is easy, cheap and cost-effective. You don't even have to pay speaker's fees, you got enough people chomping at the bit to deliver sternly worded self-righteous lectures. That's what we need! And I'm the man to do it! I will take this sacrifice upon myself!

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Jan-29-14 11:39 AM

We Americans are gluttons.

Not ALL of us, but we have significant sections of our population who use resources without self-imposing limits on their use. One of these years, conservation of our resources must be a top priority.

Conservation is NOT a partisan issue - we can all do what we can to help by 1) learning what we as individuals can do to conserve energy, and 2) gently educate our family and friends as to what they can do to conserve.

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Jan-29-14 11:14 AM

SELyonCo – So how is it that having another option for transporting the oil NOT help to solve the problem? You FAIL to state that.

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Jan-29-14 10:03 AM

The propane “shortage” resulted from increased demand, not U.S. energy policy. For example, Levac Propane in Canada, shipped 12 million barrels of propane to the U.S. recently that U.S suppliers exported to the Middle East & Japan and farmers used to dry crops. Suppliers could not have forecast the severe cold weather or unexpected demand for propane by farmers that far exceeded projections. The inability to get propane to where it’s needed is a market issue - when supply is greater than demand, prices fall & suppliers lose money.

The oil & gas industry is exploding (forgive the pun) in North Dakota. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The U.S. is overtaking Russia as the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas” leading to 32% and 15% reductions in imported natural and crude oil respectively, over the past five years.

Those who blame our President and current energy policy for the propane “shortage” clearly do not understand the issue.

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Jan-29-14 9:49 AM

If telling the truth is insulting a person who has lied all his life is a bad thing maybe its time everyone faces the blunt truth about this administration. Getting tough to find others to blame for the situation we are in isn't it?

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Jan-29-14 9:36 AM

Unfortunate we couldn't bottle and use all the hot air spewing from Der.Fuehrer's mouth last night. Elections certainly do have consequences. Remember Obama even admitted that implementation of his energy policies would cause our utility bills to " necessarily skyrocket ". At least he didn't lie to us about that unlike " if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance". Impeachment doesn't go far enough for the damage he has done to this nation.

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Jan-29-14 9:18 AM

OIIOHH, the proposed load from the ND fields on the Keystone pipeline amounted to less than 4% of daily production and less than 5% of the load on the pipeline. Over 95% of the oil in Keystone would be Canadian, and ND would continue to ship 96% of their oil by rail. In the interests of being a "high information voter", why don't you get the whole story before suggesting others haven't?

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Jan-28-14 7:42 PM

Hmmm. Let's denigrate and eliminate current energy sources without a replacement. Along with that let's retard progress in developing our own fossil fuels, again without replacement. Sounds like a fine Energy Strategy to me.

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Jan-28-14 6:30 PM

Al doesn't bother to mention President Bush when gas prices skyrocketed. This is price gouging, plain and simple. Then again, I guess the propane industry can be considered job creators and therefore needs our support, right?

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Jan-28-14 4:43 PM

There is a lot of natural gas on public property to be developed but Obama has put this land off limits for the last five years.

My heat is natural gas and I and others are also paying through the nose becasue the supply has not been expanded.

So thank President Obama for his lack of energy understanding and the politics he plays with our resources. Solar panels, anyone?

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Jan-28-14 4:40 PM

Propane is a derivative of natural gas, which is often found in conjunction with oil.

A great deal of propane comes via barge up the Mississippi river and its tributaries from the Gulf coast region of this country, where many of the propane conversion plants are located.

The potential supply problem has been known for at least six months but only now that it is too late to do much about it are the politicians speak up. where's Senator Amy?

SEL - you are short on facts and you certainly do not know how the propane industry works. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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Jan-28-14 3:09 PM

SELyonCo, why don’t you type “Keystone XL pipeline transports Bakken oil” into a search engine and do one minute of research?

And you called the OTHER commenters on this forum “nitwits”? You’re the very definition of a LOW INFORMATION VOTER!

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Jan-28-14 2:25 PM

Deppfan: Exactly. A pipeline to move oil to the gulf is not going to solve the problem of propane getting back north, UNLESS that pipeline is going to move oil from the ND oil fields and free up the rail cars to move propane instead.

"According to Rosa, most comes through pipelines, but there have been problems allocating pipeline use. Some comes by rail, but much of the rolling stock is now being used for crude oil shipments from the Bakken field in North Dakota." That's the problem that needs to be solved.

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Jan-28-14 1:13 PM

Didn't the article say it wasn't because of a fuel shortage, but a transportation problem?

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Jan-28-14 12:45 PM

And, SELyonCo, if increasing the nation’s supply of energy isn’t the solution to a fuel shortage, then what’s YOUR brilliant solution?

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Jan-28-14 12:23 PM

SELyonCo, where do you think propane comes from? The rear end of a cow?

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Jan-28-14 11:09 AM

"To maintain and expand the U.S. Department of Transportation exemption to the hours-of-service regulations on truckers transporting propane from the Gulf." I'm not sure what the answer to the problem is, but this suggestion seems like a bad idea. Risking public safety should not be part of the options.

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Jan-28-14 10:45 AM

Any of you nitwits have solutions, or is insulting the president all you're capable of?

There are people literally freezing and all you can think of is to make wisecracks about unrelated topics?

BTW, Keystone is an oil pipeline. Wouldn't to a thing to fix this problem.

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Jan-28-14 10:33 AM

Don't interrupt his golf game or vacation or you will see a real shortage. maybe a requirement to get fuel will be signing up for obummercare.

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Jan-28-14 8:15 AM

They want Owe’Bummer to do something about America’s energy supply? Captain “Climate Change” has been refusing to approve the Keystone XL pipeline for years. He isn’t going to do jack squat about a fuel shortage!

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Jan-28-14 8:05 AM

Don't expect help from the prez, he's on a mission. "...the fundamental transformation of the United States of America."

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