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No more vaping indoors if bill passes

Two bills before the state House would regulate e-cigarettes the same as tobacco

January 17, 2014

MARSHALL — In 1975, Minnesota became the first state to ban smoking in public places under the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act (MCIAA)....

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Jan-21-14 5:11 PM

Passing legislation that overrules what happens in a private business concerning vapors is a nanny state. If you are concerned about the amount of chemicals you get from water vapors I suggest you never walk downtown or across a parking lot. You will inhale more harmful chemicals from that.

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Jan-21-14 7:54 AM

"The vapor that is expelled has almost no content except water." "Almost no" is not the same as none. I have no problem with people smoking or vaping where their exhaust won't be inhaled by other people. There is nothing "nanny state" about requiring people to have some common courtesy and not force others to inhale their noxious fumes.

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Jan-20-14 3:37 PM

Don't interject false meaning in my statements Hartman. I don't encourage anyone to light up, it is a very unhealthy habit. My point is if they want to they have the right to without being harassed by a nanny government. If the e-cigs help people get off the real ones I'm all for it.

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Jan-20-14 3:28 PM

Sorry SEL, but I must disagree with you on this one. Individuals who smoke are simply doing their part in the battle to save the world. Overpopulation has a negative impact on our environment. So by providing more opportunities for individuals to ingest harmful chemicals into their lungs, we improve the long-term prospects that our planet will survive. Wildlife habitat destruction, global warming, the depletion of precious resources are all the result of human activity. The fact is, humans are the most destructive creatures on earth. Our global environment will greatly improve the more we encourage those who smoke to keep on puffing. We shouldn’t be discouraging smokers, we should be like WW07, KK and Scout and encourage smokers to light up anywhere anytime they want – our future is at stake.

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Jan-20-14 10:02 AM

Kaptain, you may be confused about abut one thing. The people supporting the ban want nothing to do with a free society. If it offends them you shouldn't have it. They don't care that the e-cigs help people stop smoking real cigs. The vapor that is expelled has almost no content except water. If it is held in long enough you can't even see an exhale. I like your term nazicrats, pretty accurate.

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Jan-17-14 1:18 PM

If it was just water vapor then Krunch and WW07's comments would make sense.

If it was just water vapor smokers wouldn't use it as a smoking replacement. They use it because it delivers nicotine in the water vapor.

E-cigs don't emit a stream on harmless water vapor, they emit a stream of vaporized poison.

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Jan-17-14 11:38 AM

So now the Nazicrats want to ban water vapor? Step outside folks and exhale, did you see your breath? If so that's essentially the same thing that old Ghengis Khan and her minions want to ban now. Just love her concern that "individual businesses are setting their own rules" concerning e-cigs. Newsflash you old battleax that's how FREE societies used to operate before you and your kind came into power. This has nothing to do with anyone's health but everything to do with control. Wake up people, George Orwell wasn't a writer he was a prophet.

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Jan-17-14 11:21 AM

That is like banning teakettles.

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