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Dayton closes schools Monday ahead of cold

January 3, 2014

From staff and wire reports ST. PAUL (AP) — Gov....

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Jan-06-14 7:15 PM

Just as I thought I called this right, it turns out I'm wrong. Just got word that Marshall is two hours late. I apologize for calling him indifferent.

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Jan-06-14 6:45 PM

kid, this is exactly the situation I have experienced and thank you for bringing it up. My kids have to risk their lives getting to school from the country because Klint and his "experts" have decided the weather is ok and he needs to crack down on kids who are absent.

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Jan-06-14 6:11 PM

Here's where we are. Temps are still in the double digits below zero, winds are still +20 mph. Most of the area schools have called 2 hours late for Tuesday, but not Marshall. It could very well be that Marshall will decide in the morning, but I believe that he'll run on time.

It could also be that these schools are wrong in making the late call on Monday afternoon, but I guess that error would be on the side of childrens' safety, right wbl947?

So, if Marshall is 2 hours late tomorrow, then I'll apologize for my statements, but if they're on time, then I expect to hear a retraction from you!

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Jan-06-14 12:09 PM

I think the closures in this case need to be more about the countless kids we have in our district who will be walking to school or standing outside waiting at a bus stop in these temps. Many parents will probably give rides, but there are plenty where it either isn't possible or it just simply won't happen for one reason or another. The roads are fine as long as the busses can run, but it is very cold to stand at a bus stop or walk to school and if something caused a bus to stop running it could become dangerous very quickly. Those are the "dynamics" we need to consider. I agree with everyone who thinks it is ok that once every 17 years or so the governor makes a call for the safety of the kids...I still won't be voting for him, but I think it was the right call.

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Jan-06-14 10:32 AM

It appears to me that Supt. Willert prefers local control instead of big government control. He along with a committee of road maintenance people and bus drivers consult before a local decision about closing is made. I applaud him for his ability to bring in ideas from community and specialists and discuss them to make the best decisions for the community and students.

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Jan-06-14 10:08 AM

Well now, let's see. Currently the temp is -18 with a 22mph wind. But then again, the dynamics across town might be different.

This article goes to show the amount of respect he has for the authority of others too.

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Jan-06-14 10:06 AM

Maybe Willert has a God complex. Maybe it started when he was able to (by issuing lavatory passes) decide if and when others could even do their business.

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Jan-05-14 8:54 PM

Willert is a delta bravo. Always waiting to be the last school to close. We know where your loyalties lie, klint. Quit trying to act like you care about the students. Yes, my kids are students and I think you are a horrible superintendent.

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Jan-05-14 6:33 PM

I recall early December when we had a round of snow. After checking the 511 website and seeing the entire area listed as difficult driving conditions, Marshall was the only one running on time. Everyone else was concerned enough about safety to either cancel or run late to let the plows do their jobs.

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Jan-05-14 4:54 PM

Willert is a control freak! What a foolish to say that to newspaper. But people who think they are that good dont think about what they are saying. He runs the school that way and the board lets him. In my opinion unprofessional. Bet he would not want his kids out in those temps!

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Jan-05-14 2:33 PM

Willet needs to lighten up and lose the Grinchness. It's just a one day extension of Christmas vacation. Let Dayton have a signature decision during his term. He'll definitely get the K-12 vote. It's not like it's a senator skipping work during a national crises.

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Jan-05-14 8:21 AM

Closing school because of weather has been and is a local decision. Supt. Willert has in my opinion made some errors in the past but always on the side of safety for the children. If the Governor takes away that local authority only 1 time every 17 years, it is not a big problem.

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Jan-04-14 9:49 PM

It almost sounds as though Willert has some sort of authoritative complex when reading the article.

It's okay, Willert. If the state is cancelling school, then the state probably won't hang you for it in your test results. Most parents are going to be fine with it too.

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Jan-04-14 9:41 PM

Have the teachers report? As far as I know, windchill affects a person no matter what his/her age is. If we're concerned about kids walking, taking the bus, etc. then why not the staff too?

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Jan-04-14 8:21 PM

Much better than waiting till 7:30 am Monday to communicate a closing decision.

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Jan-04-14 7:27 PM

Is Rona being sarcastic? According to article Arne Carlson closed schools 3 times. Willert must live in a bubble. Klint, many other school districts don't have the windchills we do, so factor that into your diatribe. Klint, since you think this should be a school day, how about have teachers report and skip the early outs the rest of the year? Quit babying the teachers and consider the students.

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Jan-04-14 9:25 AM

I guess Dayton thinks he is the only one smart enough to make that decision.

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Jan-04-14 7:52 AM

Really Willert...local level? With temps like that are you going to go get the bus out of the ditch and transfer all of those children safely? Thank you Mr. Dayton!

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Jan-03-14 8:10 PM

Bravo on Dayton's behalf. Finally time someone uses common sense in dealing with dangerous temperatures and kids.

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