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Unjust rewards

December 11, 2013

To the editor: All the chief executive officers in large corporations and banks are all rewarded with millions of dollars. The sad part is the common workers aren’t paid a good wag....

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Jan-03-14 5:55 PM

“Of course we've always had inequality, but the magnitude of our inequality has actually increased dramatically. The fraction of the income that goes to the upper 1 percent has doubled since 1980. The fraction that goes to the upper .1 percent has almost tripled since 1980. So yes, we've always had inequality, but not of this magnitude. . . . The United States has become the most unequal country among the advanced industrial countries. Some people have said, 'we don't care of equality of outcome, what we really care about is equality of opportunity.' America's the land of opportunity. We have less opportunity than not only the countries of all of Europe, but any of the advanced industrial countries for which there's data." Nobel Prize economist, Joseph Stiglitz (So not everything Ron is saying is so far off the mark as some of you would have it. You wanted data: here it is.)

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Jan-03-14 5:43 PM

There's no doubt MnSure and the ACA have gotten off to a rocky start, but recall that for decades the greatest cause of personal bankruptcies in our country has been medical costs, and at least 60-70% of those bankrupted had worthless insurance policies that they had faithfully paid premiums into for years and when they really needed help it was not there or they were frequently dropped when no longer profitable to their providers. Even this would not bother me that much if children were not often victims of the greedy insurance companies. Where were some of you when these companies routinely refused to insure people who needed it worst or dropped them when they threatened to actually cost them money? Yes, many of the old worthless policies were eliminated by the standards of the ACA and should have been because they were pretending to be something they never were: policies that actually protected their holders from catastrophic health costs.

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Jan-03-14 5:30 PM

I certainly sympathize with dairy farmers and know how much hard work they do, but the largest government subsidies do not go to them but to extremely large wheat farmers and ranchers who do not work anything like or as hard as the dairy farmers do. At least let's be honest about this subject and it certainly does the debate no good whatsoever to start slinging labels like "left-wing propaganda" or for that matter "right wing whatever." All it does is contribute more pointless rancor. Finally, I'm not at all certain what MnSure has to do with anything concerning the conclusively proven inequity of wealth in America that now stands more so than even during the years leading up to the Great Depression and will, if not addressed, surely end up in another economic collapse for most of us, but not those who have enough to keep themselves wealthy forever, much like the aristocracy during the Middle Ages.

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Jan-03-14 5:21 PM

A very "concrete example" of what the writer speaks is Walmart. In 2013 the family owning that company "earned" more than 30-40% of ALL of the lowest paid American workers. Then some of their stores actually put out food baskets for their OWN employees during the Christmas season. These are not made-up "rants" by anyone but facts that apply to too many huge employers such as MacDonalds, Macy's, and many more. There are also glaring injustices concerning farm subsidies when the least needy of all farmers often receive the largest of them. Costco, on the other hand, is a tremendously successful company that pays its employees very well. The more money and the greatest bulk of the rewards for labor end up in fewer and fewer hands, the more we'll witness a growing reduction of the American middle class. Yes, there is clearly something very wrong when one of every four-five American kids now lives in poverty while the top 10% of the country's richest ta

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Dec-18-13 11:09 AM

I attempted to help a friend use the MNSure web sight. My browser cautioned the security wasn't secure. Yet we forged ahead because of the "DEAD LINE". When we finally got all the way through, the sight indicated my friend qualified for "medical assistance" which was completely incorrect because we know what the guidelines are. What a joke. It is time for a change. If those "In-Charge" are going to force the general public to give up private information and spend time filling out forms, they had better have things safe,secure, and usable.

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Dec-18-13 10:26 AM

Talk about your "unjust rewards" - how about the performance of MNSure and its former head? Who paid for the two week vacation to Costa Rica? For a program that was held up as a national success story, it has sure come apart over the last month. Will the governor and the Legislature get our money back, or is that all down another boondoggle rathole? What about all the people who thought the program was there to get them insured? Who voted for Obamacare? Where's Senator Amy on this mess? And to think people took me to task for questioning what was going on with MNSure just a month or so ago.

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Dec-13-13 5:43 PM

I think the letter is all over the place and just an empty rant. The issue of criminals getting off easy seems to ring of a personal beef and doesn't really fit with the rest of the letter.

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Dec-13-13 10:14 AM

I’d caution the writer where agriculture is mentioned particularly if he likes to eat reasonably priced food. High land, equipment, cash rent, seed, fertilizer, and other production costs with $4.00 per bushel corn and 175 bushel per acre yields, do not pencil out for much of a profit or any on smaller farming operations. Also, many of these modern day farmers started out working 12 to 15 hours a day milking cows, producing feed, and tending livestock 365 days per year, year in and year out. For my money, I’d rather see a hard working farmer subsidized, rather than subsidizing someone who chooses not to work.

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Dec-12-13 9:29 AM

This letter is an example of left-wing propaganda that is no better than the right-wing crap Faux New spews. Not all chief executives make millions, nor are all corporate workers underpaid. Millionaire farmers are usually just millionaires on paper; their wealth is tied up in land and equipment. The legal system has issues to be sure, but it is still the fairest system in the world. This is simply a list of broad complaints with no specifics to back them up and no suggestions for how to improve things.

Give concrete examples of companies that pay their workers minimum wage while their executives rake in millions. That shouldn’t be hard. Same with the complaints about farmers and the judiciary. Give examples. Then give some suggestions of how it can be fixed. Then you’ll actually be contributing to the dialog, instead of simply pointing out the obvious.

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