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School board talks technology implementation plan

October 22, 2013

MARSHALL — The Marshall School Board spent a good deal of time discussing the Transformational Learning and Teaching Through Technology: a four-year implementation plan at its regular meeting Monda....

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Oct-25-13 10:46 PM

Maybe of someone is happy about not doing anonymous things on this forum, he/she should state his/her name and address, so we can stop by with a box of chocolates.

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Oct-25-13 10:44 PM

Recently, there were a seemingly large number of Marshall students who had failed state standard tests. The same year, there were many kids who made the honor roll. If you do the math(and obviously, a large number of Marshall people can't do the math), there were a large portion of the kids(about 15 to 20%) who failed state standards, yet made the honor roll. That was when I lost respect for the "education" in this district.

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Oct-25-13 4:03 PM


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Oct-25-13 10:52 AM

What purpose would it serve me to have 5 accounts sumyounguy? In case you haven't noticed, if I disagree with someone's opinion I prefer to challenge them rather than anonymously "disagree". Besides, only one account is needed to debunk your propaganda.

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Oct-25-13 10:38 AM

I think you've raised some excellent points Pirate. It would seem, at least this far into the process, that school administrators are making an effort to address some of the issues you cited. As is often the case with bureaucracies, some answers are not provided unless someone, a parent or school board member, asks the question. Their involvement in this process is important.

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Oct-25-13 9:11 AM

Hartman - I agree with much of what you wrote. And I believe any price to protect the kids should be funded.

Where I have a problem is lack of detail on how or why the funds will be used, a plan. Is there cost savings or cost avoidance? Are ebooks better than paper? What is the plan for cycling a commodity with a very short life? Acquisition and disposal? Rollout plan for the period? What platform? Success stories or mentors from districts further along. How will it fit into current curriculum? Replace? Enhance? Increase? How about a line item budget showing expenditures tied to benefits?

Or is it just make it up as you go along? Kids deserve better than that. As you said, they are fully exposed to technology and that can no longer be the compelling reason for this. I believe this has potential to be a great investment but this kind of investment needs to be sold to the investors.

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Oct-25-13 8:10 AM

Students will go to another school district if they don't get iPads? Really? Do their parents need to find a job there too?

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Oct-25-13 8:07 AM

Hartman has 5 accounts.

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Oct-24-13 3:47 PM

Kids playing games to keep up with the compeitition.

Want to compete in the job market these days? Show up daily for work, and you'll be well ahead of the competition.

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Oct-24-13 1:22 PM

I googled the 2013 school technology plan Pirate. What portion of it is "unmitigated fluff". I thought the plan included pertinent information that enables voters and school administrators alike to make an informed decision. I think everyone would agree that technology changes rapidly these days. Businesses slow to adapt are at a disadvantage and lag behind their competition. The same is true with our schools. They too must integrate new technologies or teachers and students fall behind. There is little on the job training especially when it comes to using technology. Our secondary schools, Universities and now even primary schools are tasked with providing students a "hands on" experience of using new technology. Kids today can program most electronic devices long before they are capable of balancing a checking account. Many adults have trouble doing both, myself included. That said, I agree the money will be wasted if teaching and learning are not enhanced.

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Oct-24-13 12:21 AM

Technology in education isn't supposed to generate savings, it's supposed to produce a better student. It isn't doing that either. Most applications these days result in the students playing review games. Can anyone name an application of technology that has made a better student? Colleges and universities won't be agreeing with you.

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Oct-23-13 12:20 PM

I. like most parents and grandparents want the best possible education for our children.

What I don't want is to spend money on technology that doesn't have a quantified outcome for the investment made.

In private business, companies are all looking to improve performance and efficiency through technology. The difference is that they have to financially justify the investment. In most cases, an investment in technology means a reduction in manpower and other costs. This not the case with the present proposal.

The educational process process remains mired in the way things were done 50 years ago.

Come back with a plan that offsets costs with savings, and really improves the educational outcome.

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Oct-22-13 6:53 PM

If this is the plan that tops the google page when you enter, marshall mn 2013 school technology plan , it's unmitigated fluff. Everyone wants shiny new toys, but if you are going to ask others for a six figure allowance to get them, more specificity is needed. If it's "for the kids" it would be nice to see detail of how it will be used to improve their education. The broad-stroke statements are typical grant writer filler.

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Oct-22-13 10:20 AM

Sure seems like someone is putting the cart before the horse, in resepct to the referendum. Or does that mean this money will get spent, and others will get the ax?

Gotta love the steroid reference though.

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Oct-22-13 9:20 AM

If you put that two mil to good use you would hire more teachers. Smaller class sizes would in turn make for a better situation for everyone. MORE technology is NOT the answer. If it is more technology that you MUST have then you might want to check into learnpads.

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