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MHS grad killed by Sioux Falls Police

October 16, 2013

MARSHALL — Marshall High School Superintendent Klint Willert said the death Monday of former MHS student Jacob Daniel “JD” Westberg is sad and shocking and impacts the school district even though he......

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Oct-30-13 4:42 PM

I am amazed by all the bad comments. We are JD'S parents and none of none of you know what really happened. So to think of how you judge are son or put in your public thoughts maybe you should really keep your thoughts to your self JDE never fired one shot at the cops. There is still ways they could have handled this a different way. So think of how you would feel if this was your family member and get the facts before you decide to judge him we were asking for help not to shot our son. His brother was there and they never gave him the chance to talk to him. You don't need to use deadly force to help someone it isn't their job to decide to shot He was not a threat to anybody so until you know the real facts shut your mouths. Not everything you hear is the truth so maybe you should keep your opinions to yourselves and have some respect for the family.

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Oct-27-13 9:15 PM

Who said anything bad about Jacob? Whatever happened to reading comprehension?

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Oct-27-13 1:56 AM

Im sorry but maybe you guys should know everything befor going and talking ****. JD was a great guy and would have NEVER hurt anyone its funny that the cops dont tell how JD was asking to talk or the fact that before he opened the door he said im NOT going to hurt anyone I just want my mom and brother, or how about the fact his brother was there and tried to go talk to him and the cops just pushed him back and wouldn't let him threw. or how about he didn't even make it outside the door before he was shot not just once but twice. and for what for asking for someone to talk to. Lets face it the cop that shot him got a hard dick and trigger happy and I hope he thinks about killing someone that WASNT a threat to no one else but maybe himself that didnt have a record at all. and it eats him alive everyday for the rest of his life.

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Oct-22-13 2:22 PM

I do admit that I didn't know the kid, but he probably was a decent person. This is a tragedy in every aspect but make no mistake. Law enforcement was present to protect the public, and sadly Jacob lost his life in the process. The police are not at fault.

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Oct-22-13 8:19 AM

You are being very unfair to Dr. Willert whom I happen to know personally knew this student. It is horrible for JDs family to have to lose him in such a way BUT absolutely he made mistakes coming out with a loaded gun. The cops weren't given any choice at that point.

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Oct-21-13 9:03 PM


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Oct-21-13 3:54 PM

Actually, I was trying to rail against the grandstanding by Willert. If you've ever had a conversation with him, you'd know that taste is at the bottom of the list.

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Oct-21-13 8:10 AM

Grandstanding, Common? I was responding to the clearly disturbed person who used this tragedy to rail against the police, the president, and a bunch of other nonsense. Where is you outrage over CFH's bizarre grandstanding??

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Oct-20-13 8:32 PM

I still see this as grandstanding by farmkid, SEL & TWI. If you want to rail against something, try to pick a tasteful way to do it.

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Oct-18-13 1:05 PM

I agree with farmkid. Willert's comments are hollow and rehearsed. My guess is he did not even know the kid, as he rarely leaves the castle at the district office. He has never been a hands on leader with staff or kids. Marshall independent why interview him? So sad for the family.

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Oct-18-13 12:15 PM

It is an unfortunate situation, and coming on the heels of the shooting of the mentally unstable woman in DC it would appear as if the police are simply shooting people they should help. Appearances are deceiving, though. In both cases the police shot after they were threatened with deadly force. In a perfect world they would have found a way to stop both these people without injury and gotten them help, but we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a world where the police have to take decisive actions to protect themselves and others from unpredictable people. The headline could just has easily read "Officer shot attempting to disarm suicidal man". Commonman hit the nail on the head: this appears to be classic "suicide by cop".

cfh100proof, I hope you're getting professional help for your issues.

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Oct-17-13 10:22 PM

Of course this is tragic, but everybody is acting like he died in a car accident. A mentally unstable man pointed a loaded weapon at law enforcement. This could have ended much worse. The officer in Lake City didn't get a chance to shoot, and look what happened there. This guy wanted to die and he should have kept everyone else out of it.

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Oct-17-13 9:41 PM

Nobody here has heard of "suicide by cop"? This is a tragedic situation and yet some make it a chance for political statements or blame placing. My deepest sympathies to the Westberg family and all of those affected by JD's death.

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Oct-17-13 7:37 PM

Wow Willert. Your speech manages to be artificial and hollow, both at the same time.

Oh yeah, cfh101proof, you're an idiot.

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Oct-17-13 12:32 PM

The above comments make you seem uneducated and foolish. This is Obama's fault??? What a dumb statement!!!

When someone is suicidal and the cops are called, to intervene, they do their job and show up at the house to try and help - not just to shoot someone. They were doing their job and it's absolutely horrible that ended the way it did. If you point a gun at law enforcement, odds are it's not going to end well.

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Oct-17-13 8:42 AM

What people seem to be forgetting in this situation is the fact that he haws firing the gun in the house. No cop, or person for that, would enter a house with an unstable individual who is firing a loaded gun. Second mistake he made was coming out with the gun pointed at police. Come on, you can't seriously expect not retaliation for that. Remember, the police evacuated the surrounding houses and had people in the back of squad cars to protect them. Guy comes out, who has been shooting, pointing a gun, what's best for the greater good? One person, who wanted to die anyway, or potentially several people who were innocent in the situation? Had he put the gun down before he came out, he would still be here today.

Yes, it's very tragic, but he asked for it with his actions. It has nothing to do with police and politics. It has everything to do with one individuals poor decisions. Don't get me wrong, I feel for his family and friends, and daughter, who now have to endure his loss.

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Oct-17-13 8:15 AM

I hope the Obama fake liberal who called the brown coats in is sleeping good and is proud of himself or herself knowing their call, ended a young man's life and took a little girl's dad away. I don't know anything about the guy that was murdered but the article mentioned depression. I'm guessing he was on meds for it. STOP taking the mass murder suicide pills if a quack psychiatrist tells you that u need them. Pills make it MUCH worse.You want to fix your "depression?" Change your diet.Research this.The drug dealers that call themselves Doctors know this is how you truly cure depression. They are modern day quacks that the government has legitimized to push their big pharma drugs and make huge profits at the expense of your health. Get off the pills!

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Oct-17-13 8:03 AM

Just another situation where the nazi police show up to try and help a person but they end up killing them instead. In the NEW America, u are not allowed to commit suicide or even talk about it because jackboot thugs will show up and they will just do it for you. You see, THAT IS OK in America. As long as you don't do it yourself. I wouldn't believe a word these lying cops are saying. Sometimes all a guy has to do is fire off a few rounds in the air if he is having a bad day and then he is good to go for a while. But no, Obama's ignorant America hear the word gun and they are calling their master's federal security forces who have even more guns to gun down someone that was ONLY THREATENING HIMSELF!! You can't walk out your door with your gun anymore ppl or a swat team will gun you down. Damn, it's hunting season too.

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