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LGA appears to be on upward trend

October 8, 2013

MARSHALL — After 10 years of cuts, Local Government Aid for Minnesota cities is projected to increase in 2014. It’s good news in more ways than one, a Minnesota-based think tank report....

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Oct-10-13 5:42 PM

News today is the primary contractor for this system was paid $94 million - and it has now escalated to almost $700 million - and that doesn't cover the subcontractors! What a monster waste of money.

And it still doesn't work!

The spec says that at 50,000 hits at a time it would take 2.6 years to allow everyone without health insurance to sign on using the system.

Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. would b out of business if this was the best they could do.

Where is the Inspector General for this department.

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Oct-09-13 5:35 PM

3 years and $634 million dollars WASTED on healthcare . gov.

Search “CNN Situation Room Obamacare Glitchy Website”.

From Nation.Time. com: “Time Running Out for Obamacare Fixes”.

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Oct-09-13 5:10 PM

If I was in charge of any government program, there wouldn't be any waste, fraud or corruption.

As a former IT director for a billion dollar company no management would ever put up with the fiasco that is Obamacare. I have yet to hear that anyone can get on the site, so I am sure there are lots of hits for people trying to do so.

No response from Amy or Franken as to what they are going to do about the disability fraud.

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Oct-09-13 2:44 PM

You could say the same thing about Medicare rangeral. Would you be willing or would you think it fair to eliminate Medicare because fraud exists? I saw that same 60 Minutes piece on fraudulent disability claims. It's disgusting to see attorneys, doctors, judges and relatively health claimants all working together to steal benefits away from those with actual disabilities. But that does not diminish the financial needs of those who are truly unable to work due to their disabilities.

Funny rangeral, you consider Obama inept because a website crashed from millions of Americans seeking information about health care, yet even with spell check readily available, you misspell "corruption". Priceless.

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Oct-09-13 12:07 PM

60 Minutes had a great show this past Sunday on the fraud in the disability system. For hartman and others, too much of our taxes go down the rat hole due to inept management of programs, fraud and corrunption. did I also mention special interests?

The Obamacare website is just another example of how inept this particular administration is.

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Oct-09-13 11:46 AM

Past legislative actions limited the ability of cities to raise property taxes. As a consequence property taxes remained relatively low, but cities became more dependent on LGA. During the period of 2002-08 LGA payments to cities declined by nearly 50% resulting in cuts to public servants, services and infrastructure maintenance. So while Pawlenty cut taxes, cities raised them. The tax cuts were an illusion unless you were in the top 5% of the income bracket.

When an economic downturn reduces the amount of revenue collected it would be great if a better plan were in place instead of blaming public workers by cutting their pay and reducing or eliminating their benefits and eliminating all funding for maintenance except the minimum amount necessary to keep vitally important infrastructure functioning.

Way too much spending? How do you think we got our roads, bridges, schools, water treatment, public utilities, etc. in the first place?

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Oct-08-13 11:12 PM

I believe the LGA payments went down because the state treasury was dry and the DFL legislature passed the buck to Pawlenty.

Way too much spending at the federal, state, local and school levels.

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Oct-08-13 11:11 PM

“The fact is that under GOP control the state cut LGA…” And this year, the Democrat majority fixed that HOW? The same way they fixed the various new taxes that Dayton wants to UNDO now?

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Oct-08-13 1:59 PM

A liberal or conservative can run a non-partisan organization. All they have to do is stick to the facts and present them without bias. Nothing in this article suggests that Matt is spinning the numbers.

The fact is that under GOP control the state cut LGA and in response cities raised property taxes to off-set the loss in revenue. The GOP claimed, as always, that there was too much wasteful spending in local government & that the cuts would force cities to get their budgets under control.

While this was probably true with larger cities, there were hundreds of small towns that just couldn't cut any deeper, but of course the GOP doesn't care about these towns because for some self-destructive reason they tend to vote red.

Of course that was all a typical GOP shell game. By forcing cities to raise taxes they could sit back & claim they didn't, even though their actions caused the tax increases on predominately low-income households.

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Oct-08-13 12:51 PM

Right or wrong on LGA, there is no such thing as non-partisan. Matt Entenza, a liberal DFLer, founded this think tank. My bet is it supports liberal causes and thinking and promotes those.

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