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House rejects farm bill

June 20, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House rejected a five-year, half-trillion-dollar farm bill Thursday that would have cut $2 billion annually from food stamps and let states impose broad new work requirements o......

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Jun-25-13 8:03 PM

Pork spending. Ironic that it applies to farmers as much as those who choose to live off the government. Farmers know they can be self sufficient, we need to teach the other group the same and then take both off the public dole.

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Jun-25-13 7:06 PM

Great comment, allenlyon. Local family owned farms are getting squeezed by large corporate owned agribusinesses. Seems Republicans have difficulty differentiating Corporate welfare from public welfare. Those with deep pockets rule the day but then, according to our Supreme Court, money IS freedom of speech.

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Jun-23-13 8:25 PM

It is called a farm bill, but it is mostly welfare, and food stamps, etc. The size of the food assistance program has doubled in 5 years. Don't blame farmers for Obama's tripping over himself, handing out money like he can just print more.

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Jun-22-13 12:31 AM

good reference, ticked. agribiz is out of control, has powerful lobbies, and we are paying for it. These are tough times for lots of people who need food and we should help with a food stamps program that is improved by disallowing junk food purchases. (sorry corn syrup lobby)

The farm bill should incentivize REAL food- growing by family farmers instead of subsidizing chemicalized corn/soy monocrops. Locally we do have even more ag welfare with the subsidized farmers selling corn to the corn plant that takes 20% of Marshall water and we are going to build a 25 mile pipe to drain another aquifer so we can make corn syrup to fatten the world into obesity and I and other utility users will have to pay for it, more welfare for farmers. It would be nice if they grew food.

but the ag payments include more - have you had your drink of Atrazine today? and then ole Roundup, a hormone disrupter, contributes to cancers, neuro diseases and we subsidize all that too. NUTS. NU

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Jun-21-13 3:31 PM


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Jun-21-13 3:29 PM

More people need to check out this website below and see the huge dollars these farmers are getting from the government in subsidies.


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Jun-21-13 8:53 AM

Actually why don't you call it a welfare bill as 80% is food stamps welfare goodies.. Also more "pork" then usual has been added. It needs to be redone as does much of the last five years of democratic bills such as Obama care. But it takes the heat off Benghazi and illegal activities such as wiretapping and IRS audits.

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Jun-20-13 4:13 PM

What could possibly be wrong with a government program that has doubled in five years. Entitlement and corporate greed, including farmers, is unbelievable!

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Jun-20-13 3:56 PM

They should start over and cut out the crop subsidies and make crop insurance 100% funded by the farmers not taxpayers.

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