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Dave Coudert resigns as Marshall boys’ hockey head coach

Citing personal reasons, Coudert steps down after leading Tigers to their first-ever state appearance in his first year as coach

May 21, 2013

The head coach who led the Marshall boys’ hockey program to its first-ever state tournament appearance has resigned after just one year at the hel....

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May-24-13 12:07 PM

It's pretty sad to see the haters here. The MAHA is accepting nominations for a few open board positions this year.

If the board is incapable, but you are, then I encourage you to Step Up.

Or, just sit on the side lines and yell at those who are putting in the time and trying to make it happen.

I'm sure you don't have the balls to put your self in the arena and donate your time to help make the program/MAHA better - but can only complain from the sidelines.

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May-24-13 12:22 AM

No one is ashamed that the KIDS made it to state- like "person" said- coach was along for the ride. The ones that should be ashamed are those responsible for hiring Coudert and not only supporting him but putting him on a pedestal even though anyone with half a brain could see that he knew nothing about the game of hockey, was never interested in the kids and only took the job to feed his ego. As for Dave making a mistake, it was not a mistake it was a deliberate decision to blatanently ignore all ethical and moral standards of which coaches of youth sports should be held. Rumors have been flying about his inability to recognize the meaning of a wedding ring for several years. There were also multiple examples of inappropriate treatment of the kids involved in the program which was ignored by the schools even after multiple complaints. Again- no mistake- merely the showing of the true character of the person involved!

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May-23-13 4:21 PM

I know I said I wasn't commenting anymore but you have to love the grammer police. "threw" "through" whatever. I before E except after C. A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y. as in Y does it matter. Get over it, your boy is out. Time for a new chapter. Hopefully a happily ever after book. Yours truly - Publicly educated.

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May-23-13 3:50 PM

Someone please explain what ugot2b meant by "he through that all out the door", and disregard his poor spelling and grammar.

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May-23-13 11:42 AM

This is not a story about the goalie and his family though, is it? To be an effective coach you must lead by example. Show integrity, honesty, maturity, hard-working, grit, character, mentoring, trusting, and much more. Mr.Coudert through that all out the door in one season as varsity coach. And rumors were there when he was also the bantam coach. I don't think this was the first time. This is my last post on the matter. Time to move on with hopefully a fresh start!

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May-23-13 11:13 AM

ugot2bkiddin I think your glasses are fogged. The high school goalie was hot during state play but the goalie's and goalie's family has been difficult and mean to several hockey families and players throughout the years. I argee with johnlittle the coach had to leave and unfortuately it was not because of his coaching. Expain why this is such an issue with hockey when it appears it is less prevelant in other sports!

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May-23-13 10:48 AM

i saw a few goalie parents show up at board election a few years ago to vote one another in. it was laughable how many goalie dads were on the board and coaching committee. Courdert had the gumption to play two lines, it worked. He had to go but to suggest that he didnt contribute is silly

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May-23-13 10:08 AM

Well if you would have read the previous post by notafan, you would know that maybe some would have volunteered for the board had it been announced they were having a meeting. And when it came to coaching, you had to be one of his inner circle croneys to get the job. Lets talk about the state tourney run. Three reasons they made it. 1. Hot goalie that was bashed by him all year, dragged through the mud, tried kicking off the team, didn't even get him honorable mention for conference, etc, etc, etc. (no I'm not his dad) 2. seniors who refused to give up and played in spite of him even though he blamed them all year for the 500 record and "disrespecting him" and 3. Coach Scott who was the one who was actually coaching, coming up with game plans, encouraging the kids, and motivating with actual leadership. But if you listened to Mr. Coudert, he was the one and only reason. It is hard to see through fogged up plexi-glass. Maybe you should move up a couple rows so you can see b

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May-23-13 9:36 AM

So what actually happened here? As someone who follows the program from afar, I don't know what actually happened. Can someone explain?

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May-23-13 8:58 AM

Ashamed for making it to State?

Funny to see all of the Monday morning QBs here. Jump in and offer to coach if you know so much. Or volunteer on the board or otherwise.

Is negative banter like this that makes perspective parents of players shy away from this program.

Get a grip - guy did a solid job, but screwed up personally. He owned up and resigned. Now it is time to move on. Program is in good health - other than those yelling from the sidelines and not stepping into the arena.

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May-22-13 10:08 PM

I think the saying goes"where theres's smoke, there's fire". The character that was shown by Coudert was called out by upset parents in this very same format when it was announced that he was hired. And it came true!!! Coudert was never in this for any reason other than his ego. That ego along with the egos of others has take the Marshall hockey program back several steps. They have eliminated skills night, no longer work specifically on any of the fundamentals and have seen more than 1 player quit the program mid season after 6+ years in the sport because of coudert and people like him. The board is corrupt, holds elections without telling the membership so that the certain people can insure they are elected. All people who were responsible for hiring/promoting this coach should be ashamed. They are at least partially responsible for feeding this monster and should be swept out the door just like him.

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May-22-13 5:19 PM

So you are saying he resigned due to overly aggressive parents and he was able to handle them. I say he was able to manipulate them and now his true character was shown. The only mistake the Marshall hockey parents made was being to trusting to an individual that didn't have the best intentions. Those loyal to Mr.Coudert were the ones promised special treatment for little Johnnie. Funny choice for your screen name by the way. I see the majority of Marshall hockey parents as honest, loyal, hard-working, caring, trusting, faithful people and now they can get a coach that has the same values as they do. Mr.Coudert had none. Just my opinion.

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May-22-13 2:17 PM

Problems in Marshall hockey have emanated from the parents. Coudert was able to handle that aspect.Marshall needs a coach with the backbone to stand-up to a very aggressive group of parents, he should also be in the high school.

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May-22-13 12:26 PM

Both Mellenthin (knew the players) and Weiss (brought the hockey knowledge) and Pearson for building the program. Head coach was along for the ride.

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May-21-13 9:09 PM

Everyone knows the reason and it is unfortunate. Before stones are thrown lets all make sure we have no sins. Coudert did something right, like him personally or not. Which assistant coach are you referring to Mellenthin or Weiss? If it Mellenthin I totally agree!

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May-21-13 9:46 AM

I so want to post a nasty comment about this, but I will take the high road and just say I told you so. Hopefully to true and rightful assistant coach will take over now like he should have the first time and gotten the credit he should have for bringing the team to state.

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