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Enough, already

January 29, 2013

To the editor: Usually the Friday “Thumbs up/Thumbs Down” Short Takes are non-controversial. This past week’s “Smokes going up?” (Marshall Independent, Jan. 25, 2013), is wrong-headed....

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Feb-09-13 6:44 PM

Al, you are right about the pot. Oops, I mean weed.

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Feb-08-13 10:21 AM

What mass transit? We have mass transit? Smokers take the risk fully knowing the risks... what about the impact it has on health insurance? The effects it has on families who choose tobacco over buying other necessities. I think Marijuana would only add more issues to all of our other issues. Before you judge I should note I am an ex smoker. So I should have to quit my job 22 miles away because there is no mass transit and no carpool opportunities so you can smoke & help raise the cost of health care. Not all smokers are self insured you know.

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Jan-30-13 9:03 PM

McGrady, agreed. But only if we re-elect Pawlenty. He is a master at condemming bad habits but reaping rewards from them for his own gain.

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Jan-29-13 2:22 PM

FreeRide, if you or the politicians really want people to quit, raise the price to $20 a pack and we'll all quit. Quit being hypocrites about it. Then, when we do quit, find alternate tax sources. Was sure nice to use tobacco settlement money to bail the state out. Next, FreeRide can we put the obese on the tax hit list.

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Jan-29-13 11:05 AM

This is some sound logic, you realize that if you raise the price of gas the guy driving your Marlboro truck is spending more on fuel and passing the cost on to you so you will have to pay $.95 more for a pack anyway. Don’t forget the added cost of EVERYTHING YOU BUY. If you’re not bright enough to see the health risks then maybe you should forfeit your Medicare when you decide to retire and pay out of pocket for your insurance so that I don’t have to contribute to paying for your medical bills when you get cancer. The reason it is taxed so high is to discourage people from doing it and recoup some costs for your future hospital bills. If that’s your prerogative then more power to you but I’m not willing to pay more for gas and everything else I buy so you can have enough money to go back to two packs a day.

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Jan-29-13 11:02 AM

The health care premium for a smoker doesn't come close to paying for his/her health costs down the road - you would have to increase the premium 10x to come close.

So I agree - forget the tax - increase the health care premium.

If they can't afford the premium then they have to give up smoking. That walking thing will help, especially during the winter.

As far as legalizing weed, that is just plain stupid!

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Jan-29-13 10:25 AM

Great letter Mr. Larson. It obvious that increased taxation on specific products has a direct impact on the consumption of those products. However, while trying to "encourage"more use of mass transit by increasing the gas tax might work in larger cites, I think it would create a greater hardship for those of us living in rural areas. IMO, the best idea is ending the drug war on marijuana. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it - a win, win for all.

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Jan-29-13 8:46 AM

Dennis, what are you thinking? Should this be a free country? Here in SW MN we legislate morality to keep folks on the straight and narrow path. We believe in apple pie and gas guzzling SUVs. We love cherry pie and a few beers to help us drive. Perhaps we overlook a few vices to help us feel pure and wholesome. More tax on tobacco? Next we will have preachers ranting on village streets.

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Jan-29-13 4:23 AM

Lyon Co wouldn't make any money on taxing Marijuana, Lyon Co doesen't have drugs in the county!!! Right Mather? I mean when the sheriff says Lyon Co doesn't have a drug problem, then it doesn't, Right Mather?

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