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Examining ‘The Land of the Free’

January 9, 2013

To the editor: I want to preface this piece by saying that I am completely, 100 percent, warm blooded American. I eat apple pie and read Playboy like everyone else....

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Jan-22-13 7:41 PM


"Molon Labe"

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Jan-22-13 6:47 PM

Troll, first of all I am not retired; but probably your boss's age and he too may be wondering when you will grow up. Swear words don't enforce your point, just your lack of education. 101 would like the inmates to run the asylum. The 2nd amendment was when our country was banded together against a common enemy and for a common cause. Neither exists today and a "revolution" would merely devolve into looting, stealing, killing, etc for self-gratification.

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Jan-22-13 12:25 PM

Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Unwarranted searches/spying, TSA, Department of Homeland Security, Executive Orders, By-passing congress, massive election fraud, controlled media, gun control, 2 million behind bars, raw milk is illegal, the list goes on and on with government sanctioned agencies that undermine our freedom. I'm just glad people are starting to see this. There is only one course we can take to rid the tyranny that is present in this country. American Revolution 2. That is why they want our guns.

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Jan-22-13 10:00 AM

Trolln let me guess, you have mommy issues. That was a cheap shot and it shows your character. The retired generations of this country built it and protected it and were proud of it. Your enjoying the very freedoms they fought for by the way. Maybe someday you can find yourself in their shoes. My generation is the me generation. The previous generation banded together for common causes and cared more for each other than the me s who are all about sacrafice and bonding together for strength as long as it doesn't affect me. Cheap shot is what one does when they can't come back with an intelligent response and I hope mine offends you.

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Jan-14-13 6:52 PM

Before all you naysayers start saying "Allah bless America", I would like to remind you that a nation divided cannot stand. Do not buy what Amir is selling...

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Jan-14-13 6:24 PM

Hang on a minute, Amir, I am disgusted by your assumption that we all read (or look at) Playboy. Is that part of your culture? You didn't mention holding a job yourself & paying taxes, either. How far removed are you from your own ethnicity's anti-american views? I know you. This letter to the editor is a joke from someone who takes from our country without giving anything back.

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Jan-14-13 4:00 PM

I'm with rangeral. It is useful to know just how crazy the anti-American rhetoric has become but useless to try to counter it. God Bless America, again.

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Jan-10-13 12:53 PM

Don't worry WBL, nobody looks at Playboy to read the articles.

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Jan-10-13 8:44 AM

We have the freedom to organize with like minded people to push our own agenda. Recently MN had a 3rd party governor. A bill was defeated that would restrict freedom to marry last Nov. Change starts at the grass roots level, with our friends and neighbors. There are too many uninformed or 1 issue voters. The writer makes some good points. I do not read playboy, is that unamerican?

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Jan-09-13 10:08 PM

How is it down there, Al?

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Jan-09-13 2:49 PM

Hartman, we may not agree on some things political, but you are 100% correct in that WE the people have willfully handed over our responsibility as citizens. Rangeral, I wish God would bless America, but why would God bless a people that have removed God from public view. In the last election I heard a new definition of some of the electorate "low information voter". Is that the PC way of calling someone a moron? If you are a "low information voter" please do the rest of us a favor and don't vote. Amir raises some good points but I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel on my nation yet, I see to much promise in my sons and their friends. Our constitution and bill of rights were intended for a moral and informed electorate, that is why we are a representative republic, not a democracy. The founders knew that if the people abandon their morals and citizen responsibilities the country will falter as will the people.

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Jan-09-13 11:59 AM

Hollow declarations won't cut it rangeral. It's the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting la, la, la, la, la... but then, maybe that strategy works for you.

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Jan-09-13 10:42 AM

God Bless America.

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Jan-09-13 10:04 AM

Great observations Amir. IMO, over the years we have surrendered our responsibility as citizens. The responsibility of governance now lies in the hands of special interest groups, career politicians and extremists.

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