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Which comes first: the platform or the person?

June 9, 2016 To the editor: This letter has been on my mind for some time. Ever since a young man from the GOP called with a fund-raiser invitation. more »»

Loving Head Start

June 2, 2016 To the editor: Head Start is a wonderful program with a lot of passionate peopl. more »»

What’s the difference?

May 26, 2016 To the editor: Can someone explain the difference? Mr. X has a bakery and chooses not to serve a gay wedding at which time the bridal couple can find another bakery. Against the law! Mr. more »»

Cruising in the cruiser

May 24, 2016 To the editor: On Wednesday, May 18, approximately 12:45 p.m., I was talking to a neighbor near the intersection of 4th and Saratoga, when we heard a police siren. more »»

‘Learn and discern’

May 18, 2016 To the editor: As sequel to my Mar. 16 letter on evolution, I would like to address the issue of “Theistic Evolution. more »»

We need to protect water quality

May 18, 2016 To the editor: On January 14, 2016 Governor Mark Dayton announced a $220 million plan to modernize Minnesota’s aging water infrastructure and protect water quality. more »»

Keep MinnesotaCare

May 12, 2016 To the editor: The April 27 Marshall Independent editorial about healthcare gets one important thing right: We have a lot of work to do to make quality, affordable healthcare available in our rural... more »»

Marshall should be proud

May 12, 2016 To the editor: During the week of May 3-6, 2016, the Chippewa County Historical Society hosted our 40th annual Heritage Week. more »»

Peterson, Pelosi — who are you voting for?

May 10, 2016 To the editor: Who is running for election for Congress in the Seventh District in Minnesota? Collin Peterson’s name will be on the ballot, but who really is running? Who brought Obamacare to the... more »»

MCS supports school referendum

May 7, 2016 To the editor: The mission of Marshall Community Services (MCS) is to promote or provide, through leadership, facilitation, partnerships and collaboration, an enriched community experience for all... more »»

Vote Yes on Tuesday

May 7, 2016 To the editor: As a business owner, parent and member of the MPS Facilities Committee, I encourage you to Vote Yes on the upcoming building referendum on May 10. more »»

Act now to reduce ‘extra’ business property tax

May 4, 2016 To the editor: Minnesota businesses have some of the highest business property tax burdens in the United States. more »»

‘Pride’ supports school referendum

May 3, 2016 To the editor: The Pride in the Tiger Foundation is served by a 14-member volunteer board of community businesspersons. more »»

A better solution for your weeds

May 3, 2016 To the editor: Weed control 1 gallon vinegar 2 cups Epsom salt 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap (the blue original) Just mix and spray in the morning after the dew has evaporated. more »»

Vote ‘Yes’ on May 10

April 28, 2016 To the editor: On May 10, the citizens of Marshall Public Schools (Dist. 413) will have the opportunity to impact the future of our fine school system. more »»

Court system ‘fraud on steroids’

April 26, 2016 To the editor: “The Court” shall accept the same lumps “the Court” gives out. Am I the victim or the criminal? Jurisdiction means to adjudicate justice and be jus. more »»

Slow down, speeders

April 26, 2016 To the editor: This letter is addressed to people living on the east side of our community who find it convenient to speed down Birch Street, possibly trying to get to a class on campus or the... more »»

Transportation in Greater Minnesota

April 20, 2016 To the editor: A sincere thank you goes out to Lt. Governor Smith and Commissioner Zelle on their recent visit to Southwestern Minnesota. more »»

Identifying God

April 16, 2016 To the editor: This letter is for those who consider themselves Christians. more »»

Abortion punishment?

April 13, 2016 To the editor: To me Donald Trump is crude, vulgar, and unfit to be president of this great nation. However, he does bring up issues that our politicians should be talking about. more »»



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