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Edito'rs column: And the winner of Miss ESPN is …

April 2, 2016 My note: Please don’t get the wrong idea after reading this. I’m not a misogynist. For example, I think women should be paid as much as men — if not more. I’m just tired of ESPN flaunting them. more »»

A few things about me

April 2, 2016 For this week’s column, I lifted something I’ve seen on Facebook in different variations. This was one of the more recent one. more »»

On the porch

April 2, 2016 On March 23, 1963, the Marshall High School boys basketball team took home the state championship by defeating Cloquet 75-74. more »»

Deciding when to claim Social Security

April 2, 2016 Many Americans anticipate Social Security will help fund their retirement lifestyle. However, choosing when to claim may have implications on how much your monthly benefit will be. more »»

Five questions to ask your financial professional

March 31, 2016 You know how to tell your doctor where it hurts. You can tell your dentist about your toothache. more »»

Savor the flavor of eating right

March 30, 2016 As National Nutrition Month is recognized in March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages everyone to “savor the flavor of eating right. more »»

The number 48 is good for beer

March 30, 2016 For those of us who have gotten past our 48th year, can you remember it? For those of us who have yet to experience our 48th year, are you looking forward to it? As intriguing as these questions... more »»

Water boy

March 29, 2016 It’s been said that you’re a true farmer if you can’t bear to throw away an empty five-gallon bucket. I can attest that this is not merely a theory, it’s an indisputable fact. more »»

Childhood memories

March 28, 2016 Part VIII: A continuation of Ella Junette Kalberg Velde’s memoirs, “We Moved to the Woods” “Arnt was married to Ruth McCall in November, 1913. more »»

Editor's column: ‘… just great, thank you’

March 26, 2016 Hardly a week went by in the last few years that someone didn’t stop me and ask: “How’s your dad doin’?” I hated that question … because of the answer. more »»

A book and a movie

March 26, 2016 More than a month ago, I took a couple of library books on a blind date. I finally finished one in the past week, “Nothing To Do But Stay,” by Carrie Young. more »»

On the Porch…

March 26, 2016 The photograph featured this week is the cover of a small vintage Easter card from the museum’s collection of holiday cards. The card reads, “Just Coming ‘Round to Wish You a Happy Easter. more »»

International investing can expand your horizons

March 24, 2016 If you don’t mind slow trips, you can go around the world in 80 days. But it takes almost no time to become a global investor. more »»

Presidential trivia

March 23, 2016 Sixty-five years and about one month ago, the XXII Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. more »»

Easter ham

March 23, 2016 Ham is a traditional centerpiece for many people for Easter dinner. If you serve ham on Easter, what kind do you like to buy? Under USDA regulations, four types of ham products can be labeled “Ham. more »»

Oh those black sheep

March 23, 2016 He’s/she’s the black sheep of the family! Upon hearing that phrase, most of us know exactly what’s being said about a certain person. That family member is undesirable. more »»

Airplane anxiety

March 23, 2016 My wife and I recently got reacquainted with the slings and arrows of modern air travel. I am married to a nervous flyer. more »»

Digging in the dirt

March 22, 2016 As I’m starting this…March 7…it’s 65 degrees out there. more »»

Childhood memories

March 21, 2016 Part VII: A Continuation of Ella Junette Kalberg Velde’s memoirs, “We Moved to the Woods” In the spring we would go fishing. more »»

Editor's column: Champions off the court

March 19, 2016 The MHS girls’ basketball team ran into a roadblock Tuesday on their way to a state title. Their road to becoming upstanding adults, however, is wide open. more »»



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