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Harvest trail mix

October 16, 2013 October brings harvest and Halloween. The combines and trucks are out in force, harvesting this year’s corn and soybeans. more »»

Editor's column: Police tape at the Memorial

October 12, 2013 National parks in this country closed down last week because there is no federal budget in place. more »»

In search of a Lite Brite

October 12, 2013 One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of a Lite Brite on his page earlier this week. There are times when I tend to get all nostalgic about toys and games I played with when I was younge. more »»

A different perspective

October 12, 2013 Sometimes, it’s instructive to listen to someone from a half a world away talk about Southwest Minnesota State. They tend to see things through different eyes. more »»

Choosing Wisely is new program for physicians and patients

October 12, 2013 The art and science of medical practice and patient care have been undergoing dramatic changes since the times of physician-god Imhotep and physician-philosopher Hippocrates through the Middle Ages... more »»

Smart phoney

October 9, 2013 Some future archeologist may unearth our civilization and discover evidence of a people who were hopelessly dependent on “smart” devices. more »»

Power up your plate with pork

October 9, 2013 October is National Pork Month and a great time to power up your plate with pork. more »»

Water, water where art thou?

October 7, 2013 Part II: The third geological formation is the Quaternary, which is divided into two series, the Pleistocene and Recent. more »»

Editor's column: Shutdown breeds anger, apathy

October 5, 2013 The sun did rise Tuesday morning, just like it always does. Not even Congress can prevent THAT from happening (although a few members probably tried to filibuster the coming of a new day). more »»

Let’s talk about the weather

October 5, 2013 Almost every day I am tasked with putting in the weather report at the bottom of page 1. So here’s me, putting all my faith in the Weather Channel’s website ( more »»

Coming back to their alma mater

October 5, 2013 Steve Malecek didn’t know it when he graduated from SMSU in 1973 with degrees in math and physics, but his educational career was only beginning. more »»

Editor's column: Someone tell me…

September 28, 2013 Someone tell me why some people want e-cigarettes banned from public restaurants. more »»

At the Renaissance

September 28, 2013 This past Saturday’s weather was quite the opposite of the previous one. The sun was shining; the temperatures were warmer. more »»

Gala headliners

September 28, 2013 Kristine Kvanli and Jim Nelson know how important scholarships are to student. more »»

A crucial factor in our survival: bacteria — friend or foe

September 28, 2013 This week marked the birthday of Mary Mallon (1869-1938), an Irish cook best remembered as the vector in several outbreaks of typhoid fever in 19th century New York and Long Island. more »»

Indian summer

September 23, 2013 It is the time of the year for Indian Summer to return. By now most of us have put away our summer clothes and brought out the sweaters and woolen clothes. more »»

Editor's column: Sympathy for Souhan … sort of

September 21, 2013 When Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan penned a column about Gophers football coach Jerry Kill after the wildly popular coach suffered another seizure at halftime of Saturday’s game, he did what any... more »»

A few weekly ramblings

September 21, 2013 After several warm days the last couple of weeks, I was looking forward to going on the Why Knot boat cruise on Lake Shetek that Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council (now Southwest... more »»

A reunion 40 years in the making

September 21, 2013 The way Pat Rasmussen saw it back in 1973, “We could have a pretty good party for 50 dollars.” That was the prize for the Homecoming talent contest. more »»

Bachelor Living

September 18, 2013 Every morning, the school bus zips by our driveway, hauling its precious cargo of undersized humanoids to that big brick institution in tow. more »»



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