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July 27, 2015 Part I: Barns are one of America’s icons, one that is representative of the cultivation of the land and as housing for the farm animals. more »»

Editor's column: No email? NOW what are we supposed to do?

July 25, 2015 You want to disrupt our lives, terrorists? Bombing us or poisoning our food or water supply will do some damage. Online threats and propaganda are scary, too. more »»

Being a ‘happy’ camper

July 25, 2015 I’m not the best camper in the world. more »»

On the porch

July 25, 2015 Summer is still in full swing! Many of us are taking advantage of the warm weather by spending time outdoors and traveling. The family road trip is one of several popular activities in the summertime. more »»

A challenge for the times – money and memory issues

July 25, 2015 The increasing prevalence of dementia diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s disease is affecting more families in America. more »»

Marshall Community Services

July 24, 2015 For registration information, call Marshall Community Services at 537-6767 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday or visit n Twins trip will be on Wednesday, July 29. more »»

Term vs. permanent insurance: which is right for you?

July 24, 2015 What’s your most valuable asset? While you are still working, this asset may actually be your future income — so you need to protect it. more »»

Ask a trooper

July 23, 2015 Question: Hi, I read your Ask a Trooper responses in the daily news and have a question for you: common sense I am aware it is illegal to leave your dog in the car, but I was also told its illegal t... more »»

Books and beyond

July 23, 2015 Library patron I just finished The “Accidental Tourist,” by Anne Tyler. I chose it now because my husband recently read it and said it was one of the best books he’d read in a long time. more »»

Reach for the red

July 22, 2015 When it comes to healthy food choices there are many from which to choose, and more than a few come in a shade of red. I think the color red also makes dishes look more appetizing. more »»

A man named Tom

July 22, 2015 Tom was a mystery to me. As I grew up, he was always there — just up the road from our farm — but I never really got to know him. He tended to do things his way and, at times, he seemed stubborn. more »»

Kandy and sweet — must be corn season

July 22, 2015 As the month of July winds down, the locally-grown sweet corn becomes available and does it ever taste good! The signs advertising sweet corn for sale are popping up around town and along the highwa... more »»

What happens to my IRA after I’m gone?

July 22, 2015 Contributing to an IRA can help you build some of the resources you will need to enjoy a comfortable retirement. more »»

Young entrepreneurs

July 22, 2015 My wife and I were recently motoring through a small town when we saw some little kids at a sidewalk stand that featured a hand-lettered sign that read “lemonade.” “Look!” cooed my wife. more »»

Celebrating 50 years of helping people and changing lives

July 22, 2015 Imagine a poverty-free community. Imagine living in a place where no child grows up poor, hungry, or living in unsafe condition. more »»

Barns come in all shapes, sizes

July 20, 2015 Barns of all shapes and sizes have graced the rural countryside since northern European settlers began farming the land. more »»

Help your parents plan their ‘Someday’

July 20, 2015 District manager Since your parents have done a lot for you over your lifetime, this is the perfect time of year to return the favor by helping them find their “Someday” at www.socialsecurity. more »»

Editor's column: do u miss ltrs as mch as i do?

July 18, 2015 I was excited to drop my daughter off at volleyball camp Monday at Southwest Minnesota State University — not just because it’s a great camp with great instructors, but because camps are a staple of... more »»

Your health Going with your gut

July 18, 2015 Has anyone ever told you to “listen to your heart,” “follow your gut,” or to “trust your instincts”? Well, as I traverse my 20s, I am being told this a lot. more »»

A summer arts festival

July 18, 2015 It had been a few years since I’ve been to the Brookings Summer Arts Festival. Of course, I had forgotten how packed the area around the festival can ge. more »»



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