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Dating in the Dark

July 22, 2009 - Cindy Votruba
ABC’s done it to me rolled out yet another reality show about looking for love and compatibility in all the wrong places, or in this case, odd circumstances.

The show is called “Dating in the Dark.” I’ve seen previews for it the last couple of weeks when I’ve watched my tape of “The Bachelorette” (which is coming to a conclusion next week, thank goodness!). It takes three guys and three women and put them in separate wings of a house. Each of the men and women are taking part of a social experiment where they’re occasionally placed in this pltch black room with six chairs and a table and they’re basically getting to know each other through conversation, personality, their voices and a little touch here and there. They cannot see what each other looks like, let alone the hand in front of their face. But the TV audience can see what’s going on through an infrared light.

The six were reasonably attractive. Two of the three guys were kind of the same-looking, messy, curly brown hair and not necesarily a chiseled body. One of the guys was from England. One of the women was an Aussie. Now I’m trying to tell myself “Must. Not. Watch.” But it’s like a train wreck. You can’t look away. Even when Ross came over, I still watched. He watched it with me. There was some kissing and revealing of emotions, etc. during the four days these couples, who became paired up because of compatibility. One of the guys said “I’m not a hobbit, but I’m not bad-looking either.” Then on the second to last or last day, their looks were revealed to one another. I could tell by the look on some of their faces that they were a bit disappointed. At the end of the show, the potential couples were supposed to meet on the balcony.

The first couple, the Aussie and her guy, stayed together, more or less. Then the “hobbit” waited for Christina, the girl he “made a connection with.” Oh I felt so bad for him when Christina never went to the balcony and he had to watch as she rolled her suitcase toward the waiting car. Burn! Then the British guy did show up for the “New Age” hippie chick, so I didn’t have to worry about her insecure self.

Now will these two couples stay together? Maybe not. But it’s good to see that not everything is based on looks.

And will I keep watching? Probably, and there’s also another show, “More to Love” coming up on FOX.


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