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Quick, stock up on gas while you can

January 8, 2009 - Per Peterson
Well, it’s finally happening: Gas prices are on their way back up. They bottomed out a couple weeks ago in the $1.40s and are now back up in the $1.70s. Bummer. Falling gas prices has been the one saving grace about all of our personal financial situations during the last few weeks. Every time we got bombarded with talks of recession and were reminded how broke we as a country are, gas prices seemed to slip and dip nearly every day. The price of a gallon of gas used to be a real sore spot for everyone who owns a vehicle, especially back in the day when it was hovering around the $4-mark locally. We all made some changes in our lives, some subtle, some that had more of an impact — driving less, driving slower, selling our gas-guzzlers and buying cars that get better mileage. We were making a difference by changing our driving habits and it showed at the pump. And when oil prices plummeted, gas prices did, too, and we were all happy motorists. For a time, at least, the price of a gallon of gas was damn near refreshing. Now, as it’s starting to creep back up, some of us are starting to get paranoid again. On Thursday morning I heard a couple guys talking at a local filling station about this very subject. “It was nice while it lasted,” one man said. “Yeah, now we’re gonna started betting (#@$&#&?!#@) again every time we need gas.” Get used it it folks. Besides, it was all too good to be true anyway, but the one man was right: It was fun while it lasted. It was fun going to the pump and paying a buck-43 per gallon, wasn’t it? It was nice knowing that you weren’t about to spend 30 percent of your paycheck to fill up your car, wasn’t it? It was nice going into the store after getting gas and being able to buy something while in the store, like treats for your kids or a Big Slam instead of a can of pop. A Big Slam — my how we like to spoil ourselves. But those days, it seems, are coming to an end once again. Soon, gas will crawl back above $2. Then $2.50. Then $3. Then $3.50. You've been warned. Why the doomsday forecast? Yes, I’m a pessimist, but I’m also a realist, and the reality is, it was just too good to be true.


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