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Interesting tidbits

February 10, 2014 - Karin Elton
I didn’t want to read the USA Weekend article about Dr. Phil McGraw and his wife, Robin’s relationship this weekend because for some reason I find them annoying.

I ended up reading the article backward, starting with the statistics at the end which I found interesting. Singles judge a person on “grammar, confidence and teeth,” it said. As an English major I’m glad that people care about grammar or lack thereof.

Throughout my kids’ childhoods I always corrected their grammar because I wanted them to be comfortable in a variety of situations. I’m still working on “I borrowed her $20.” “No, you loaned her $20.”

With the high divorce rate that we have today, I’m surprised that “89 percent believe you can stay married to the same person forever.”

Another interesting statistic is “74 percent of singles would date someone of a different ethnicity.” That means at least 74 percent of those answering the question are not prejudiced.

After reading the statistics, I read the love tips from Dr. Phil. He was blunt and practical as usual. “Decide what you really want. If you’re getting a good part of what you want, get happy. Let the rest go.” That’s good advice. Nothing is ever perfect (except my granddaughters).

I then skimmed the McGraw story about how he and his wife met and married. She is a smart cookie and told him that if he wasn’t interested in getting married that she was going to move on. After three weeks, he caved.


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Feb-10-14 11:32 PM

The McGraw's may be, “annoying," but I find them an inspiration on how a marriage should work, bad or good.

After seeing the negative publicity about Match**** on National news I would welcome a story about the McGraw's. Please do a Google on, “Woman sues Match****” and you will find out about 2 woman who have sued the online dating service for $1.5 Billion and another for $10 Million.

I used to put credence in online dating services until my own horrific experience with one. My former Marshall employer was on the verge of having him arrested, because of his actions towards me.

I believe you're going to find more liars using online dating services, because they want to appear to be better than the other profiles listed so they're chosen. So, if those who use them are lying then more than likely the “stats” the service is sharing aren't based upon the truth either.

So, no I don't believe Match****'s stats, but I would believe what Dr. Phil would have to say. Beaninmarshall


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