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Famous Titles for $200

November 12, 2010 - Karin Elton
Boy, did I have a vivid, weird dream recently. Sean Connery and Burgess Meredith were guest stars as were my deceased dad and his cousin. There was also another actor whose name I couldn’t think of until the last few minutes of the dream — Earl Holliman.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Burgess Meredith was, he coached Sylvester Stallone in the “Rocky” movies, he was the Penguin on the Batman TV series and he appeared in other TV shows such as “The Twilight Zone” and in movies as well.

Earl Holliman — I’ll have to look him up on Google for his credits. Oh yeah, he starred alongside Angie Dickinson on her show, “Police Woman,” and was a ubiquitous presence on numerous TV shows and movies.

Back to my dream — I got the idea these five guys had served together in World War II and were having a reunion although my dad was 10 years older than Connery, Holliman and his cousin. Meredith was 10 years older than my dad. So it all didn’t quite jibe to me in the dream. But I never asked the big question — “What are Sean Connery, Burgess Meredith and Earl Holliman doing here?”

In my dream, despite everything Connery has done in the movies — being the quintessential James Bond, getting an Oscar for “The Untouchables,” being in the Highlander movies and one of my favorite Connery and Michael Caine movies, “The Man Who Would Be King” — all I could think of was the Saturday Night Live “Jeopardy” parody where Connery irritates Alec Trebek with his obtuseness and one track mind.

After Connery et al. left the house where I was at in my dream, I thought, “Oh, I wish I could have taped him saying, “I love boobies.”

I’ve read that everyone who occupies your dreams is really you. So I have to figure out what Sean Connery, Burgess Meredith and Earl Holliman, my dad and his cousin represent. James Bond, the Penguin, a police lieutenant, a retired PPG lineman, and a retired St. Paul postmaster. Uhhh, I’ll have to sleep on that.


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