Community is our cause

January is both a time of renewal and reflection for the Y. We look forward to 2018 and the arrival of creative new programming, exciting collaboration opportunities and the completion of infrastructure updates. This transition also provides an opportunity to take a look back and assess our performance and community impact from the previous year.

As a nonprofit organization we exist to strengthen the community socially, mentally, and physically. Simultaneously, we are supported by the time and treasure of community members through financial contributions and hours upon hours of volunteer service. It a cyclic system of give and take which sustains the Y as a community hub and adds to our quality of life.

The Y as a charity

It is often a surprise to area residents that the Y is a nonprofit charitable organization. In 2017 we received $137,592 in charitable gifts which included cash and in-kind donations, a United Way grant to support the Y Partners Scholarship Fund and over $10,000 in endowment interest which was used to purchase interactive blocks for the kids’ gym. This endowment is funded by altruistic citizens through their cash donations, estates, and wills and we invite others to consider a legacy gift to the Y. The Y also received $41,062 of value through policy and program volunteer service hours. The sum of $2,000 was given to the Endowment Fund for a grand total of $180,653 received by the Y as a charity.

Giving back

Nonprofits remain viable through the support of the community but they also give back in a variety of ways. The Y mission statement ends in “For All” and we lived this by providing over $192,000 in scholarships for membership and programs to assist our friends and neighbors in need. Assisting others provides our non-profit status and aligns our Christian mission as the Young Men’s Christian Association. We also donated $2,600 in rental space to other non-profits, provided $10,995 in value of Y services to community causes, partnered for $3,114 in staff time to community events and initiatives and provided almost $20,000 in guest passes which most often served as incentives for both fundraising and awards in support other community organizations. In total the Y provided $229,413 in value back to the Marshall area.

By the numbers

The Y partnered with over 50 local organizations in 2017. We served 5,366 members and 3,757 individuals participated in Y programming. The Y was busy with 241 space rentals and 297 children in our day camp and afterschool programs. We have 126 part-time and 9 full-time team members who staffed the facility for 5,200+ hours of operation. Lastly, the Y supports health efforts in the community as the fiscal host to the Healthy56258 initiative and the Marshall Area Farmer’s Market.

More details on the Ys charitable year can be found in the Community Benefit Statement on our website.