Nationwide Membership, my Y is every Y

With the new Nationwide Membership program, our local members are now welcomed guests at over 2,700 Ys across the country. The Y is for all. At the Y, we want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome and included and to know that they belong to a charitable cause that transforms lives. Nationwide Membership gives us another opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to these principles and welcome members to their Ys, wherever they are traveling in the county.

Members may visit other participating Ys as often as they like, as long as they use their home Ys, on average, at least 50 percent of the time. Nationwide Membership is offered as a benefit for all active, full-facility members. To participate, members simply need to maintain an active membership at their home Y; no additional fee is charged to participate. We recommend stopping in to learn about nationwide membership and Ys along your path of travel. Or visit to use the Y Locator feature.

Facility renovation updates

We are past the halfway point on the geothermal pump replacement and are projecting the pools to open to the public on Monday, Jan. 15. Water will be added next week for testing and commissioning the week of Jan. 8. While the rooftop unit and pumps are being replaced staff have been working on a deep clean of the pool area. We have also replaced sand in the sand filters, updated the digital chemical controllers and re-plastered the hot tub.

Do you have an aquatics background?

It is -11 as a write this and summer seems a long way off but now is our time to recruit and train lifeguards and swim lesson instructors. On Feb. 16-18 we are hosting a Lifeguard Instructor Certification course, which will provide us in-house instructors to train our staff throughout the year. We would love to chat with anyone with current or past lifeguard experience who would consider becoming a trainer for the Y. A flexible schedule and Y membership are provided. We also need new team members and will host lifeguard and swim instructor trainings beginning in March. Now is the time to think about summer and college jobs. With Ys located in every college community it is a job with a position just waiting for you wherever you move in the coming years.