Leaving your legacy

It’s January — a time of snow, cold and plans or at least thoughts of hopes for the coming year.

Here is my challenge to you — focus on leaving your legacy. I’m talking about the kind of legacy we can work on each and every day.

What is it that we can do? Each day? Here are some thoughts…

Serve others — each day. It can be the simplest of things — like a warm hello, open a door, introduce yourself. Love all whom your path crosses, love to me is an action, as to like is an emotion. Love those who cross your path as you would want to be loved on. That ties directly into what you sow you will reap. If you sow kindness you reap a larger bounty of kindness. Each day choose to live a life of integrity. Temptations to break your integrity are all around, be strong — keep your integrity. Just a few thoughts to get you started thinking about your legacy. Yet each day I am witness to those building their legacy here at the center. One I have witnessed still warms my heart to this day! It was a current member reaching out and purposefully connecting with a new member. Uniqueness about this situation is that the two connecting were two generations apart! The one generation reaching out to the younger generation! Offering and sharing their knowledge — in return making the younger generation feel loved and part of. The connection continues to this day! A legacy of kindness and inclusion. So what will your legacy be? What will you do today, tomorrow and into the future to build your legacy? Each of you — have an invaluable legacy — share it! Talk to you next month.