Tis the season for open enrollment and facility construction

It’s that time of the year when people are shopping for 2018 medical insurance. A major topic around the Y is Silver Programs. One provides a free membership to the Y and is offered through various Medicare health or supplemental insurance plans. It doesn’t get much better than a free Y membership, but it is important to note that the Y benefits only when plan holders are actively visiting the Y. Access is a priority as we seek to strengthen the community and we embrace programs, which enhance our ability to serve the older adult population. At the same time being a nonprofit requires fiscal responsibility and it is extremely important for those with the free benefit to enroll and use the Y, it is the only way the Silver programs remain financially feasible.

It has been a busy fall on the construction front and an update is in order.

• Renovation of the family locker room is complete. New tile and door frames were installed along with durable plastic lockers which will resist rust.

• We recently completed a training center which is hosting personal training, buddy training, small group training and a youth sports and agility clinic. This space features specialized equipment, including a full squat rack, TRX systems, boxing equipment, battle ropes, and a Performance Trainer that has the ability to simulate parachute runs and sled pushes.

• We are currently replacing 11 geothermal heat pumps which heat and cool the facility with water from geothermal wells. These pumps have experienced increased maintenance issues and are operating at 50 percent capacity. The increased efficiency will allow for only seven replacement pumps and will greatly lower our energy costs.

• An upcoming project is the replacement of the Dectron unit on the roof. This large piece of equipment has been working at limited capacity since earlier this year. It controls the pool area atmosphere, removes chloramines, and controls humidity making it a critical system in our pool operations. The Dectron is currently clinging to life and we are hoping it will continue to serve us through the planned Dec. 11 replacement date. This project will take three to four weeks and will require the pools to be drained.

• The last project is a transition to LED lighting. All facility and parking lot lights will be updated, providing an estimated $25,000 in annual energy savings. The cost of this project will be funded through the energy savings generated over approximately two years. This work will take place in December.

Thank you for your support as we complete these projects which are critical to future operations and will increase energy efficiency. We look forward to serving you in 2018.