On the Porch

The social news or gossip columns in the old newspapers are always fascinating to read. A special section in the newspaper was devoted to the social media of the day. The whereabouts of local people and events were often featured in these columns. Here are a few from the Lyon County Reporter on June 26, 1897:

Tyler & Bonnallie’s delivery rig ran away again last Tuesday. This time it collided with a carriage and bent a hub.

The Bargain Furniture Store invites the world to drink ice water out of its barrel.

Marshall might have held an editorial convention here circus day. The editors from all around came to see the hippopotamus chew gum.

The German Lutheran Church is approaching completion and promises to be a tasty looking place of worship.

There is a kick from bicycle riders on finding that the street sprinkler has drenched the streets with mud just after supper when they all want to ride. There is too much unnecessary mud made by the sprinkler frequently.

Any patron of Marshall hotels who has a nightmare is charged livery service, 50 cents extra.

It is not the circus that is located in the tents behind Ringling Brothers’ bill boards on Main Street, but only a Presbyterian convention.

Dr. Copeland has received the appointment of game and fish warden for this county. The appointment is a good one, and he will look after violators of the law without partiality.

You will hear “hello” all over town in a few days. Telephone men have been at work all the week putting in wires and digging post holes for the system. It will be fun, for the merchants especially. “Hello Central. Please connect me with a dry goods store. Hello. Is that the proprietor? Please send me a paper of pins immediately. Yes, that’s all. Goodbye.”

The photograph featured this week is the German Lutheran Church in Marshall. The building was located on Lyon Street between Fourth and Fifth streets. In 1938, the new church building, Christ Lutheran Church opened on West Marshall Street.

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