Why don’t we finish what we start?

I expect we’ve all experienced this begin and falter mode. It all starts with an exciting new idea, there’s the initial launch of the endeavor and then, although the root of the idea is placed, the idea never bears fruit. Our great idea withers.

Is it because of our busy lives or is that the excuse we all use to explain our stoppage? Sometimes, I wonder…

Here’s my experience with this lack of finishing something.

A few years ago I thought about starting a blog about wine. I’d read many of the existing wine blogs and thought I could do just as well and, in some cases, much better that others. So, I began to gather information and a platform for my wine blog.

There were people ready and willing to help me and we had a couple of conversations and a hands on lesson to get me started. But, the blog took a back seat for awhile because life got in the way with too many work-related and family-related issues. However, the idea still simmered.

I chose a name for my wine blog: “From A to Z” and the blog would explore all the wines from an Albarinõ to Zinfandel — get it? I wrote my first article and posted it. Then, once again, life got in the way with…things.

My blog withered but the root was still holding onto life. So, I tried to justify my inaction by thinking that it’s alright because there are so many wine blogs in cyberspace — what difference would mine make to anyone? My voice would be just one very small voice among a chorus of others.

To this day, I think about that blog and sometimes, I wonder… what would have I gained, who would’ve I met and what new and exciting wines would have I tasted if I had continued to blog?

“From A to Z” nagged me, nags me and therefore, I know the idea root is alive and well. It keeps calling me to scratch the itch of blogging — to light my little blog candle to further educate and promote wine — what some have called the sunshine of life. Does that mean the light never fully goes out?

No, the light never goes out and I’m happy for it! I still get to write and talk about the wine industry and the wonderful people who really keep the flame of wine making alive. For instance…

I’ve been wondering when a Beaujolais Nouveau would arrive and I found a bottle of Mommessin’s Beaujolais Nouveau in Tall Grass Liquor store — what a treat! These wines are meant to be consumed fresh — within a year of bottling and within six months, if possible. This particular wine has very tasty raspberry and strawberry aromas and tastes — just a delight to drink.

I would recommend Pacific Oasis’ Riesling from the Columbia Valley in Washington. It’s a semi-sweet white that has nice floral aromas, tastes of peach and honey with enough minerality to give it a crisp finish.

I love Italian wines and Spicer’s Glacial Ridge Winery’s Bacio is an American Vermentino old vine wine. Opening the bottle, you’ll be invited to smell the nice citrus aroma and then to taste pear which then leads to a soft citrus finish. It’s a great pleasure to drink and I recommend it highly.

If you wish to stay with a Minnesota wine, try their Castle Red — a beautiful red Frontenac Rosé. Besides looking terrific in the glass, this wine is multi-layered and complex with berries and spice tastes that lead to a surprisingly smooth finish.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m spending too much time on wines so here’s a shout out for Brau Brother’s McMurphy Irish Red ale. I happened to be in the taproom one day, saw it on the beverage board and had to taste it since I’m part Irish and it’s getting close to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a beautiful amber colored beer that’s balanced nicely between malt and hops — sweet and bitterness. I don’t think you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before — just try it!

I enjoy tasting these beverages and feel compelled to pass on the good news about them. So, does that mean the little voice of my up-to-now quiet blog is calling me?

Sometimes in the dimly lit hallways of our lives, we can shed a bit of light on a subject — and satisfy our wondering — by simply doing it — or by blogging!

It’s time to stop wondering and time to just do it.

As always, eat and drink in moderation but laugh with reckless abandon!