On the Porch

Last week, you read a letter from Wilbur Peterson to his family, while he was serving in the Army during World War I. The letter last week was dated Dec. 24, 1918, and was written in Germany The following excerpt is from two letters by Peterson dated a year prior, his first Christmas in France while serving in the war. The letters were written by Peterson on Dec. 15 and Dec. 30, 1917 in France.

Dec. 15, 1917: “It is nearly Christmas, but doesn’t seem much like it here yet. We expect to be getting our presents soon. The Minneapolis Journal, Life and the Red Cross are sending all of the soldiers over here presents. I suppose you have a lot of snow there now. Is it very cold? Where is Grandpa working? He must not go at it too hard. I think you will be getting my November allotment soon that will help some. I sent you a little souvenir handkerchief. It isn’t much, but is about all we can send.”

Dec. 30, 1917: “I am still alive and well. Received all of the Christmas presents and they sure were fine. Believe me, that fruit cake tasted good. I was certain that you would send it. We have got about everything that we need now. I had a Red Cross box, but there was only a pair of wristlets in it, so I think there is another on the way with sweater and socks. Hope you got my allotment for Christmas. I wish I could have sent you something, but that is not allowed. I did send a little handkerchief, and am enclosing a little calendar (French) in this letter. I think I got 12 boxes in all for Christmas. That is quite a few, isn’t it? Many thanks for what you sent.”

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