Insulted by ad attacking Dan Freehan

To the editor:

We all know people who “believe” something and hold tight to that belief in spite of all evidence to the contrary. But the fact that the leader of the party in power is one of them is not a reason to share his worldview.

I am insulted by the shocking ad attacking Dan Feehan. Does the Congressional Leadership Fund really think those inflammatory pictures and words will work on intelligent Minnesota voters?

We are no more in danger of those desperate asylum seekers than we were of the Ebola virus. In this very bitter, very partisan election season, citizens need to be careful not to let the sowers of hate and fear win. We need to vote with reason and thought. We should not be sheep blathering on about what people like this are trying to focus on. Southwestern Minnesota definitely has its own concerns and we need to vote for politicians willing to represent us.

Karen DeRoode Marron