The issues that divide parties too daunting

To the editor:

Recently a contributor to the Independent’s public forum asked a very intriguing question: “What kind of world do Republicans live in?”

After digesting the premise of that question I realized that it is they, the Democrats, who need to address that question. What kind of world do Democrats live in?

Unfortunately it is the Democrats who strayed from the normal world of our founding fathers. For example, almost all of the Democrats’ list of candidates for public office from the governor on down support abortion even up to the time of birth. They want unrestricted “right to abortion” throughout all nine months of pregnancy. (By contrast every Republican candidate is prolife.)

And recently Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith (a former regional vice president of Planned Parenthood) voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood with our taxes.

Though the author offered unity and promise to work together, the issues that divides the two parties are at this point too daunting. The shadow of the Dark Side has apparently fallen on the Democratic party.

If you disagree, I respect your choice. However, if you agree with my assertion, then feel welcome to join us in our effort to Make America Great Again.

Jack Dempsey