Real Mustang fans don’t act like that

To the editor:

Certain Mustang fans at Saturday night’s Southwest Minnesota State football game with Wayne State were witness to a “how not to act in public” display. One man’s front row foul-mouthed tirade directed at any of the Mustang players on the sideline who could hear it was atrocious, embarrassing, appalling, and unjustified.

In the final few minutes of the losing game, the Mustang gear-clad man, placed himself in the front row along the railing and proceeded to loudly curse general insults and offensive name calling until a few players turned to see who it was. He called out at least one player by number.

Real Mustang fans in the section heard it and I’m positive that they too saw this uncivil display as a great example of how not to act in public. Real Mustang fans don’t act like that. This man badly needs a civics lesson. Perhaps at the next home game on Sept. 22 (he) could provide another tirade so he can be escorted out of the stadium to the cheers of reasonable and civil fans like me.

Larry P. Magrath