Supporting Sheriff Telkamp

To the editor:

On Tuesday, May 15, the Murray County Board of Commissioners voted to request the resignation of Sheriff Steve Telkamp. The board cited the reasons for the request based on an independent investigator’s report. The investigator, hired by the board, reported that Sheriff Telkamp had created a harassing and hostile work environment. The purpose of this letter is to clear the air and answer the many questions that have been raised.

Many deputies, dispatchers, staff and their family members have been approached and asked the following questions: Have you been harassed by Sheriff Telkamp? Do you work in a hostile work environment? Do you support Sheriff Telkamp?

Our answers to those questions are: We have never been harassed by Sheriff Telkamp. Sheriff Telkamp has not created a hostile work environment. We do support Sheriff Telkamp.

If the decision was based on an investigator’s report, why was the entire staff not interviewed? Why have they tried to silence and remove the man you elected to protect and serve you? As deputies, dispatchers and staff, we take pride in serving you, the citizens. We cannot do this without Sheriff Telkamp.

Sheriff Telkamp has served your county for 16 years as sheriff. He would not be seeking re-election if he did not care about the citizens of Murray County of his staff. Please vote to re-elect Sheriff Telkamp on Aug. 14.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

Christopher Lewis, Jarrod Larson, Devin Gillette, Ryan Baker, Heath Landsman, Lee Meinders, Lucas Isder, Ryan Baker, Prestin Parker, John Wiggins, Jon Heidebrink, Jannette Engels, Donna Mollema, Allisen Cantin, McKenna Schreier, Dan Brockberg

(Murray County deputies, dispatchers and staff)