Grateful for community support

To the editor:

Thank you to the Marshall community and the surrounding area. Marshall has been my home for 46-plus years, if you count my time as a student at Southwest Minnesota State. Little did I know riding that bus from South Bend, Indiana, to play football and baseball at Southwest that I would still be here 46 years later.

Thank you to Tom Lien, Cliff Dahm, Mike Boedigheimer, Cy Schroeder, Pat Irsfeld and the late Jim Meulebroeck, the original Hardee’s owners who I spent 36 years with, for their encouragement and support. We had many good years together navigating through the ups and downs of this business. All of your families became our family.

Thank you to the thousands of employees who were a part of the Hardee’s business for all of these years and gave your best efforts to make us successful.

Thank you to the many general managers who managed our businesses over these 42-plus years after I became an owner/operator. Managing people is one of the toughest jobs one could have; you all did a great job of leading, modeling, coaching and upholding our standards.

Thank you to my wife, Cindy, who always had my back, encouraging me when things got tough.

Thank you to our customers who have supported us over the 42-plus years Hardee’s has operated in Marshall. There are not many businesses that are around for this long, unless there is some good customer loyalty. Marshall has been a great community for Cindy and me to raise our three daughters. Great schools, churches, teachers, coaches, pastors, youth group leaders — just great people.

Thank you and God bless!

Lionel Bolden